A Chat With Covenant 31

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Covenant 31 is a Christian band based in Prescott, Arizona, comprised of Patrick, Heather, Josh and Ashley Eddolls (mother, father, son, daughter), and Dave Schreiber. Patrick is the lead vocalist and plays acoustic guitar; Heather sings back-up vocals and plays keyboards;  Josh is the band’s drummer; Ashley plays bass; and Dave is the lead guitarist.

The members of C31 have backgrounds in corporate church worship. It shows in their songs and their name, which is derived from Jeremiah 31:31-34. I recently had the pleasure of asking Heather Eddolls a few questions about the band:

Karmann: How did C31 come together?

C31: A group of friends got together in an office and started jamming. Pat introduced his song “Unbelievable Grace,” and everyone had a God moment and felt we should seek God’s direction in possibly starting a band.

Karmann: How did you get the name?

C31: We loved the name covenant, because it just holds an amazing meaning. God made a covenant, and we couldn’t fulfill our side, so he fulfilled both sides to save us. Wow.

Karmann: Are there benefits to being related to each other?

C31: Yes, getting together for practice is easy. What we share doing this as a family is completely amazing. Family should be in ministry together, and we are blessed and honored to serve Jesus together.

Karmann: Are there hindrances?

C31: Sure, expectations, for one. Getting honest about stuff can be taken harder, so we have to consider the best way to communicate and encourage each other.

Karmann: Who is the main songwriter?

C31: Patrick Eddolls

Karmann: What is the songwriter’s inspiration?

C31: God. A lot of what is written comes from a great message we hear. There are seasons in life where God is really hammering a nail, and we find that where God is really teaching us, we need to share. So out comes a song.

Karmann: Does Patrick co-write? Can you talk about that process?

C31: Co-writing is OK. As a writer the song becomes your baby. So as someone comes and wants to change it, it is like cutting the leg off your child. But it is needed. We worked with Ed Cash on our new song. He helped re-word some lyrics. It is easier when you are working with an awesome producer.

Can you tell me something about your new song?

C31: Sure! It is called “I AM CHANGED.” It is a testimonial type song. Very inspiring.

Karmann: What do you see as the future of C31?  Where would you like it to go?

C31: We’ve prayed about that. We want it to go where God wants it to go.  Success is for God to decide, not the world. One new soul brought to Jesus, or closer to him equals success!

To learn more about Covenant 31and to see the video “I AM CHANGED”, go to www.covenant31.com.

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