A Church in Action: A Tale of a Former Superhero



Growing up as a comic book fanatic, I always loved the scene where the hero showed up in the nick of time to rescue the damsel in distress. In all honesty, I may have fantasized myself in the role a few times. As I grew older, my imagination departed from such excitements and was redirected to much more adult things.  At one point, I even considered the idea of the hero to be childish and immature. However, as a Christian, I now see it from a different point of view.

It’s not the outer appearance that defines a hero, like having to maintain a bodybuilders’ frame and wearing spandex tights and a flowing cape; it’s the very character of the individual. As I pledged my life to Christ, I was astonished at the thought of having a Savior.

He, the only begotten Son of God, came in perfect timing to snatch His bride out of the grips of the enemy and the danger of hell fire. That’s the Gospel–the greatest storyline about good and evil ever told!

The idea of being saved so fascinated me that I realized there was a mantle left for me. I was snatched out of the flame, but the story continued (Jude 1:23). What if, instead of repetitively saving Lois Lane from the weekly dangers of death, she adopted her own superhero identity, and Superman aided in her transformation; kind of like passing the mantle down to her without Superman always being the savior, but the two now co-laboring as heroes .

It would be the greatest team up ever! That’s a continuation of the Gospel.

“For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building.” –1 Corinthians 3:9

Christ didn’t just save us so we can be saved waiting on our one-way trip to Heaven–the Bible says that we’re already seated with Him in Heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6). If that was it, we would have been called out of this world the instant we accepted Christ. The fact that we’re still present on this Earth is evidence that our mission assignment isn’t done.

Jesus died for the atonement of all sins so no one would have to pay the cover charge to get into Heaven (1 John 2:2). The second part is that He sent His Spirit as a Helper for all (John 14:26).  All have received the gift of the Holy Spirit that Heaven could manifest inside of us. I envisioned this as Christ passing His mantle to me, not that I may be glorified, or that He was retiring, but that He was going to continue His work through me.

He literally imparted His healing and overcoming power into me through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I adapted this idea as I joined the Real Life Superhero project. Prior to receiving Christ, I was an activist in the community, known notoriously as “the Patriot” because of my background in the military. When I enlisted in the army of the LORD, my passion to serve the community enhanced in multitudes. Before I would hand out sandwiches, but now I was sharing the Gospel while handing out sandwiches.


We would visit homeless shelters and give away care packages comprised of daily necessities. These care packages transformed into blessing bags. Everything I did, I did to the glory of God. About a year after my conversion, I began studying the Bible. I used to read the Bible, but when you study the Bible–it’s different. You’re fulfilling the command to search the scriptures (2 Timothy 2:15).

As I grew in the Word, I felt the LORD leading me to become a minister. In 2015, I received my ordination with the National Association of Christian Ministers, and the LORD used this blessing to open a door in my church for a pastoral role in the children’s ministry. I committed my life to the Gospel and ministry was no longer an action, but a lifestyle.

Caught in the routine of meetings, events and church service, I found discord in my heart. I was serving the church, washing the feet of my brothers, but I was no longer active in the community. I felt as if I were doing more in my previous position as “The Patriot” than in my promotion as a minister.

It’s important to serve the church; encouraging, edifying and sharing the burdens with your brothers in Christ; and be a light in darkness. The church is the bride of Christ, and through matrimony we are one with Him (1 Corinthians 6:17). He is the light, and in Him, there is no darkness (1 John 1:5). Jesus didn’t call me to be a light in light, but a light in darkness (Ephesians 5:8). Someone once asked me, “what do you see in darkness?”

14720394_1722525501406820_6338715453936804048_nInstantly my carnal mind told me, “Nothing! You cannot see in darkness,” however, through revelation I answered, “In darkness, we see the absence of light.” I did not respond on my own. It wasn’t even my thought process, but in that moment the Spirit of God possessed my lips.

I’ve come to the understanding that this world already has a Savior; it’s the reason I retired my costumed adventures. We don’t have room in our heart to serve two masters (Matthew 6:24), and we can’t allow someone or something else to erect itself as an idol. There is only one throne, and it belongs to Jesus.

The darkness that is consuming this world is appearing to have victory, not because of its might or power, but because of the lack of opposition. Does this mean that Jesus stopped illuminating the world?

The Word says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8). The problem has become very clear to me: the church. The church has lost its voice. We’re walking through a valley complaining about the darkness with a flashlight in our hand.

In the midst of all the darkness, we have the power to turn on our light and end it all. The same Spirit that empowered Jesus to overcome the world is the same Spirit that lives in us (Romans 8:11). The Spirit of God is the ultimate gift that Jesus gave to His bride. Holy Spirit is the way out of every trial, tribulation and temptation. He carries the experiences of Jesus and relates to our sufferings (Hebrews 4:15). If we had an increased sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, we will multiply in grace and love.

This will help us overcome the false appearance of godliness and walk out true discipleship in pure love, crushing the kingdom of darkness with every step we take. So I ask you today…

  • When you see a crippling marriage seduced by the spirit of divorce, what will you do?
  • When you see a hungry man on the corner of the street, begging for only an ounce of hope, what will you do?
  • When you see a son or daughter of God who doesn’t know their identity and sell themselves short to this world, what will you do?

The answer is easy, you don’t have to do anything. You just have to let Christ be in you. Jesus never left. We need more Christians in our community–more Christians in hospitals, prisons, schools, juvenile centers, the grocery market, the streets, and everywhere driving out darkness.

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