A Creative Way to Invite Your Friends to Church

made via Canva
made via Canva

Many professionals know the secret to a good blog or social media strategy are the graphics, but regular people can also use graphic software to create deeply moving images that can influence your friends on Facebook to see your church in a different light.

Two graphic companies offer their software for free: (1) canva.com and (2) picmonkey.com.

The Barna Article here stated the percentages are getting smaller of people who say they would go to church if a friend invited them. Use these programs and your social media with more deliberateness. You can quote your pastor (less than 300 words per copyright rules) in the graphic and put the church’s website on the bottom of the graphic. It personalizes the invite on your social media. Even better, use your own photos.

Copyright rules are nonnegotiable for images. Morguefile.com and others offer free images (read fine print carefully). Use your own images or use one from Canva ($1 each). Redefine selfies. You can do a selfie and post an appropriate quote about your church. However, while this is a great marketing strategy, nothing can replace real life involvement.

picmonkey used here.

A new book is out called, Unfriend Yourself: Three Days to Detox, Discern, and Decide About Social Mediain which the author asserts we have become relationally lazy. Most people will spend the two seconds “liking” your status rather than meeting you for coffee. We can change this through our actions and words.

Let’s use our resources wisely, and maybe by showing through our examples of friendship and love, we can undo an alarming trend of disinterest in church through prayer, time, and effort.

Share in the comments strategies you use or programs you use on your social media. Share success stories.

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