A.D. Television Series: Why It Matters What They Believe

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When I started hearing about a new mini-series called, A.D.: The Bible Continues, it piqued my interest. As a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ, I wanted to make sure that, if the mini-series represents the Bible, that it aligns with Scripture.

As I did some research, I learned that the producers of the series were Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, the same couple who created and produced the mini series, “The Bible,” back in 2013. After the series, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett produced the film, “The Son of God.”

Many different religions exist outside of true Christianity, and I wanted to know Mark and Roma’s spiritual backgrounds. What did they believe in? What or Who do they put their faith and trust in when it comes to their spiritual life?  I soon learned that they professed to be New Age Roman Catholics.

Roma Downey graduated in 2010 from the University of Santa Monica, a New Age graduate school founded by New Age spiritual and self-help guru, John Roger Hinkins. There she received her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. One of the teaching points of the program says, “We are sounding a clear note to those of you who resonate deeply with the awareness that you are a Divine Being whose primary purpose is learning how to utilize your human experience in service to your Awakening. If this is true for you, you’re likely …(emphasis mine).”

Roma and Mark were married by former co-star, Della Reese (Roma’s mentor). Della Reese is an ordained New Thought minister in the Understanding Principles for Better Living Church in Los Angeles, California. New Thought, sometimes called Higher Thought, promotes the ideas that ‘Infinite Intelligence’ or God, is everywhere. Spirit is the totality of real things. True human selfhood is divine. Divine thought is a force for good. Sickness originates in the mind. “Right thinking” is a healing effect.

Lightworkers Media Company was founded by Roma and Mark. “Lightworkers” should have been a strong indication of what they believe, for in the New Age belief, a Lightworker is, “any being dedicated to the cultivation of inner presence and elevation of awareness in self and other selves.” Being called a Lightworker is an evolutionary step toward a state of Lightbeing. This gives you some idea of Roma Downey’s background and spiritual track record. I believe her worldview will have an influence in what she creates and produces.

What is the New Age Movement and What Do They Believe and Follow?

  •  Monism: The belief that all is one and one is all.
  • All is God: If all is one, including God, one must conclude that all is God. It is Pantheism.
  • There is a change in consciousness. If we are God, we need to know we are God. We must become cosmically conscious, enlightened, or attuned to the cosmic consciousness.
  • A cosmic evolutionary optimism is taught. There is a New Age coming. There will be a new world order, and a new world government. New Age thinkers believe that there will eventually be a progressive unification of world consciousness.
  • New Agers create their own reality. They believe they can create reality by what they believe, and by changing what they believe, they can change reality. There are no absolutes and no moral boundaries.
  • New Agers make contact with the kingdom of darkness. They call a medium a “channeler” and a demon a “spirit guide.” This is the kingdom of darkness that Satan heads.

The New Age movement is a counterfeit philosphy that appeals to the feelings of people, leading them to think that they are god, and can enhance their lives through their own person. The New Age that Roma Downey promotes exalts man as an equal in holiness, virtue, and essence with God.

That is Satan’s lie.

So What’s the Problem With a New Age Thinker Making Bible Shows and Movies?

How can someone, who believes in New Age beliefs, produce a series about the Bible with any accuracy? I don’t believe they can, as they are in spiritual darkness to the truth of Scripture.  They are walking in darkness and don’t have the light of life.

Jesus says in John 8:12:

Jesus spoke to the people again, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me won’t walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

John 8:31-32 continues with,

Jesus said to the Jews who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teaching.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett’s eyes are blind right now to the truth of God’s Word.  This blindness is holding them in bondage to New Age thinking and beliefs. They are unable to be set free to the truth of Scripture until they come into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

We need to pray for them:

  1. That their eyes would be opened.
  2. They will repent and come to faith in Jesus Christ–the true Jesus of the Bible for Salvation.
  3. That God, the Father, will draw them to Himself and reveal the true Gospel to them.

We need to remember, that at one time, we, too, were in darkness, and separated from God because of our sin.  Because of God’s great love and mercy towards us, He redeemed us from that dark pit and brought us into a relationship with Himself through his Son, Jesus Christ.

My Mighty God can do the same for them.



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  1. Beryl, thank you for the truth in this wonderful article, something most people are not aware of. But as you said, we need to pray that their eyes will be opened.

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