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photo 2As I was leaving the gym the other day, I crossed paths with an old friend. She thanked me for the recipe that I had given her and told me that she uses it daily. She said her energy had increased. She believed it was helping her lose weight. My old friend also commented on how good it tasted and said that even her ever so persnickety daughter enjoyed it.

In turn, I must thank my mentor, Carolyn Schnitzer, for sharing this recipe with me over 20 years ago. Neither Carolyn nor I really know the origin of this elixir, but it really is good for so many things. For instance, in the flu and cold season, I recommend it to anyone who is battling any signs of the illness. If they are days down the road with a bug, I always tell them to start using it to speed up their recovery.

This tonic is also a great substitute for water on those cold days that you can’t seem to get enough fluids down. The lemon is a natural internal cleanser and the cayenne warms you up as it speeds up the metabolism. This hot tonic works great if you feel led to fast. For me, it seems to keep my blood sugar balanced and suppresses my appetite. I am sure this is why my old friend felt that it helped her with weight loss. When I am experiencing fatigue, that cayenne kick gives me a boost of energy.

So what is this simple homemade hot tonic recipe?

All you need is three simple ingredients – lemon, cayenne pepper and real maple syrup.

Directions: First, make a cup of hot water in your favorite coffee or tea mug. Next, cut the lemon into four quarters and squeeze the juice of one quarter of the lemon into your cup of hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of real maple syrup, a dash or two of cayenne, and stir. If you are out of real maple syrup, organic agave nectar or local honey works perfectly well.

Sip slowly while it is hot or warm. You will likely notice your body temperature rising and may even begin to sweat if you are fighting off anything. Be forewarned, drinking this at night might give you energy unless you’re feeling fatigued and under the weather.


Enjoy! Be well!
Debra Trusela

Debra Trusela is a writer, public speaker and a mentor when it comes to issues that deal with marriage, family and healthy living. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her children and grandchildren as well as her husband, who also writes and does speaking engagements with her.

She may be contacted at Dtrusela@cox.net.





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