Interview With Andy

10385416_10152291546372476_1425303904866581628_nSM: Can you tell our readers about your past lifestyle?

ANDY: “I used to be in love with my sin. I started using meth at 16 years old. I tried to quit on my own but failed time after time. I moved away but the memories still haunted me. I was lost, talking to myself out loud, cursing myself constantly. Still had the desire to get high. I was tired, I wanted to change my life, I wanted the voices in my head to go away.”

SM: So what were you able to do to banish these addictions and bondage from your life?

ANDY: “I found a church that was active in the community. I went in and told the counselors exactly what was going on in my head. That was a big step for me. Then I started going to church here and there. I got involved in church activities which led me to start surrounding myself with people who share my faith.”

SM: Have you been set free from any of the torment that comes from these addictions?

ANDY: “Now the voices don’t keep me up at night. Ive been sober for 6 months.”

SM: Andy can you tell us what else God has done to impact your life?

ANDY: “Been blessed with a greeting ministry at church. Found a great job and the list goes on and on. Addiction is no joke. It robbed me for 20 years and I still get attacked by the enemy. I have an ally, an advocate who loves me and all I have to do is call His name and ask for help. I thank Jesus Christ my lord and savior.”

Andy has sat in on some of the mens meetings that I have facilitated while I was still in Arizona. He has a great love for God and His word, and strives daily to defeat the enemy in his life, just as we all do.



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