Past Issues

October, 2016

Who is My Neighbor by Terry Sharp

The Faltering Child by Tabitha Sanders

El-Roi, The God Who Sees by Renee Roeder

Poetry From The Cradle by Eric Kimori

The Greatest Story Never Told by Ron Smith

Watch Out For Poison Ivy by Jonathan Garner

A Little Closer to God’s Point of View by Katie Cart

Karmann and Kompany: Christmas Album Review by Nikole Hahn

The Marriage Triangle: Marriage is Like a Garden by Anna Popescu

A Church in Action: A Tale of a Former Super Hero by Pastor Bryan Jaglal

A Testimony: A Road to His Glory by Julie Dibble

3 Ways of Effective Prayer by Doug Hazen

Poetry: I Grew Up in Church by S.M. Holland

July, 2016

HOPE Media

The Marriage Triangle: Living for Jesus in Your Home by Anna Popescu

A Heart to Serve by Katie Cart

My How-to Thoughts on Spiritual Constipation by Eric Kimori

Artist Erika Funkhouser: Growing Instead of Destroying by Tabitha Sanders

Tegan Payne, The Septuple Threat by Mia Koehne

Hello Sunshine by Debra Trusela

This is the Common Thread by Mia Koehne

Strength Through Help by Renee Roeder

Fiction: Snakebite by Jonathan Garner

A Day on Bohemian Saddle by Ron Smith

Mars Hill Productions: Miners Trapped in a Mine by Ryan Renfrow

Fiction: He Made Up His Mind by Tabitha Sanders

Building a Bridge With Your Teen by Debra and Matt Trusela

April, 2016


The Joy of Otters by Jonathan Garner

You Still Need Milk Even in Your Old Age by Eric Kimori

Jehovah Nissi by Renee Roeder

Says I Am by Mia Koehne

How to Hike Eagle Creek by Ron Smith

An Open Door at 37,000 Feet by Mia Koehne

11 Ways to Find Adventure Right Under Your Nose by Katie Cart

The World’s Greatest Terrorist by Pastor Huck Kusner

Living Water by Debra Trusela

Book Review: Fool Me Once by Nikole Hahn

The Marriage Triangle: Your Marriage Snapshot by Anna Popescu

A Hidden Gem – Savanna Rae by Mia Koehne

How Will You Be Remembered? by Debra and Matt Trusela

January, 2016


True Love by Debra and Matt Trusela

Jehovah-Raah @BibleGateway by Renee Roeder

Stinkin Thinkin by Debra and Matt Trusela

The Account of The Blind Giving Sight to The Blind by Eric Kimori

In God’s Grace — The Journey by Kathryn Shipley

Why You Should Hike Silver Falls by Ron Smith

Up and Coming Indie Scene: Wren’s Ghost by Mia Koehne

Chasing Cheetahs by Jonathan Garner

Aspire Women’s Conference by Mia Koehne

The Marriage Triangle: Two Lives Become One by Anna Popescu

Characters Make the Book by Nikole Hahn 

October, 2015


Fernando Ortega-A Living Legacy of Faith, Both Ancient and Future by Mia Koehne


The Raven: Bird of Death or Messenger of Life? by Jonathan Garner

THE MARRIAGE TRIANGLE: Journey or Destination? by Anna Popescu

Can We Talk? by Matt Trusela

Book Review: Dancing Through Life by Nikole Hahn

Job Openings (Volunteers, Internships) by Nikole Hahn

Jehovah Jireh by Renee Roeder

How to Inspire People to Open Your Email Forwards by Nikole Hahn


July, 2015

Nothing is impossible if you share a

5 Animal Symbols of Jesus by Jonathan Garner

Wake Up, Sleepy Head! by Nikole Hahn

From the Dark Despair of Tragedy by Les Ferguson, Jr.

Faith Elevated: A Symphony of Praise by Katrina L.O. Swanson

The Marriage Triangle: Love and Respect by Anna Popescu

A.D. Television Series: Why It Matters What They Believe by Beryl Hart

Man and The Corruption of Today’s World by Pastor Steven

Nu-Blu: The Miracle Behind The Music by Karmann Powell

Shepherds and Dogs by Steven McReynolds, Jr.

Ross King: Free and Unrestrained–UnFettered by Mia Koehne

10 Reasons Not to Get Married by Debra and Matt Trusela

Book Review: The Insider Threat by Brad Taylor (Nikole Hahn)

Southern Charm: Bringing Nashville to The Rest of The World by Ivette Vargas

Be Still by Renee Roeder

April, 2015

But God chose what the world considers

Noah’s Flood: An Epic God Movement by Nikole Hahn

Five Ways to Get Published Through Us by Nikole Hahn

Jesus Loves Me – The Mia Koehne Story by Karmann Powell

Sadie–The Fictionalized True Story of a Girl and Her Dog by Starlynn L.

SOJOURN–The Completion of a Journey by Karmann Powell (LISTEN TO MUSIC)

The Marriage Triangle: Friendship by Anna Popescu

God: The Designer by Pastor Steven

Silently Waiting by Renee Roeder

Book Review: Groove by Nikole Hahn

January 31, 2015

A Healthy Tonic by Debra Trusela

A Family Meal by Debra Trusela

Amore Salvatoris by Alyssa Gamache

Book Review: An Insiders Guide to Spiritual Warfare by Nikole Hahn

The Future is Now by Karmann Powell

The Marriage Triangle by Anna Popescu

Partner With Us by Nikole Hahn

October 31, 2014


Letters to The Publisher

Halloween, Emails, and Fiction by Nikole Hahn


This Present Gift by Alyssa Gamache


Ticks and Tricks by Jonathan Garner


How Long, O’ Lord by Anna Popescu

Just For Men

God’s Impact by Pastor Steven McReynolds

Books, Movies, Art, and Photography

A Creative Way to Invite People to Church by Nikole Hahn

The Church

Finding a Church by Pastor Kirby Moses

Mini-Sermon by Pastor Kirby Moses

Outreach and Recovery

Interview With Andy by Pastor Steven McReynolds

The Christian Music Scene

The Good You Do Comes Back to You by Suzie Solomon

Acker Night: It’s For The Children by Karmann Powell

Music in The Church: One Body, One Church, One Heart by Karmann Powell

Saying Yes: An Interview With Tom Booth by Karmann Powell

55 and Over

Elder Law: Why You Should Be Concerned by Chris Inman


The Lonely Corner by Shirley J. Conley

Going Global

Missions Prayer: An African Pastor and His Wife by Pastor Lucas


Review: Quick Start Guide to The Bible by Nikole Hahn


5 Things You Should Do During The Mid-Term Elections by Nikole Hahn

 July 31, 2014

Righteousness is the only ingredient

Letter From The Publisher by Nikole Hahn

Special Feature

Devotional: Chapter 2 – God Answers Habakkuk by Anna Popescu

Fiction: The Door at The End of The Hall by Nikole Hahn

Nonfiction: A Marine’s Testimony by Karmann Powell

Poetry: The Things We Do by Chuck Ness

Books, Movies, and Art

Art: Artists of Faith by Rich Jevons

Books: Help For The Fractured Soul by Nikole Hahn

Family Matters

Discussion: Attachment Parenting by Shyla Ernsberger

The Christian Music Scene

What My Dog Taught Me About God: The Life and Times of Howdy by Karmann Powell

Let’s Celebrate Christmas Right by Karmann Powell

Music in the Church: Are You Happy? by Karmann Powell

Going Global

You Don’t Have to be Called: Just Go! by Nikole Hahn

Just For Men

  Is Our Culture Our Downfall? by Pastor Steven McReynolds

The Church

What Happens When We Die? by Pastor Kirby Moses

Why Does God Allow Christians to Suffer? By Chuck Ness

VIDEO: My Country Tis of Thee by Pastor Kirby Moses


Flight MA17: The Absence of Truth by Simon Smith

Dysfunctional Authority by Michael Thomas

The Religion of Climate Change by Chuck Ness

Righteousness Exalts a Nation by Daniel Ezeji

Outreach and Recovery

Christian CommUnity by Jamie Wilkinson

April, 2014

From the story of John Mark…the publisher’s personal favorite. A story for anyone who has married an unsaved person.

Publisher Letters

Special Feature

Books, Movies, Art


The Christian Music Scene

Just For Men

The Church


Food, Wine, and Beer

December, 2013 – Winter/Spring Issue


The Christian Music Scene

Books, Movies, and Art

Family Matters

Food, Wine, and Beer

Kirby’s Korner


Going Global

Just For Men



From The Publisher


June, 2013 – Summer/Fall Issue


Thank you to all our volunteer editors for working so hard on this issue and creating awesome results! Thank you to our contributors! Without all of you, our magazine wouldn’t be a reality. Look for the Winter/Spring issue (publish date: December 1). Karmann Powell will have a special pre-recorded concert for you, dear reader. Special interviews with Covenant 31 and Steve Richard. Also, a special feature which won’t be revealed until the day of publication.


Special Features

Books, Movies, Art, Crafts, and Photography




The Christian Music Scene


  Going Global

Just For Men

Kirby’s Korner


Food, Wine, and Beer