Art: Graffiti Timo

Christians aren’t a cookie-cutter bunch. Oftentimes, our tastes are eclectic. Each art piece is personal to the person doing the art, such as our photographer in the last edition which was more mainstream. Timo Slusser is not mainstream. Enjoy his art and tell us what you think! What follows the art piece is his explanation of why he created it.


Graffiti Timo is inspired by my love for street art, both the natural oxidation as things age and the amazing art created by others. I love graffiti and actually traveled to several American and European cities during the 90’s taking photos of amazing graffiti I found. Some of the best art out there is the kind that people want to scrub off walls. I’m not condoning vandalism by any means, but I think the world’s most talented people are often misunderstood.”

timo-slusserTimo Slusser is a full-time professional graphic designer and an aspiring author, artist and musician. He graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2001 with a communications degree in graphic design and English literature. He is currently writing a fantasy fiction novel and also maintains a blog about his adventures as a ‘Native White Boy’ in Northern Arizona.

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