ASPIRE Women’s Conference-One Big Night

Music moves our hearts. When Saul, as written about in the bible, felt tormented by a spirit, it was David and the playing of his harp that drove it away, leaving Saul refreshed and well.

Music still does that today through songs of praise, songs of worship and melodies that lift our spirits, revive our souls and open our hearts to hear. Music is one of the aspects of the Aspire Women’s Conference and it is a vital vehical used to open the hearts of women to receive and to be ready for all that lies ahead in a powerfully packed evening.

The Aspire Women’s Conference is a unique traveling event for Women with the unique twist of being a one night, three hour evening full of laughter, learning, stories and music! While many women’s conferences span over two or three days, the Aspire Conference has managed to pack it all into one evening appealing to the reality that weekends and time at home are precious, especially in an already busy world, with obligations tugging us in several different directions.


ASPIRE is there to meet women wherever they are at in life, helping them to carve out a few moments to laugh, to be encouraged, to be lifted up and to sing! And oh, what an amazing sight it is when you see hundreds of women all singing together! It truly does drive out one’s troubles, even if momentarily, and allows one to be refreshed and ready to hear the Word of God.

The Aspire conference has a team of national speakers, singers and comedians such as Kerri Pomarolli, out of the closet Christian from Hollywood (or as she would say Sodom and Gomorrah); Shaunti Feldhahn, best selling author and speaker; Susie Larson, national talk show radio host, author and speaker; Gwen Smith, singer-songwriter, author and speaker; Mia Koehne, recording artist, worship leader and speaker; Shannon Hoffpauir, Bible teacher and writer; and Melissa Spoelstra, author and speaker.




The ASPIRE Conference is currently scheduled to visit parts of California, Arizona and Nevada, with future sites being planned throughout the Midwest and all over the United States. You can view their website to see if they are coming to a town near you. ASPIRE LINK

Until then, keep singing!





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