Strength Through Help

In Exodus 17:8-13, it is written that the Israelites warred with the Amalekites. During this war, Moses, with the rod of God, stood upon a hill, the rod being lifted up high, while Joshua and some men fought below. Throughout the course of the day, Moses’s hands and body became weary and the rod drooped. […]

Be Still

Be still. How often do we respond by saying, “But there’s so much to do,” while rising out of bed, running, and thinking about the, list for the day? Yet, there is a better way to respond. What better place is there to rest than in the shadow of God’s wings? Think back to what […]

Silently Waiting

                      I am reminded through these verses that even Job knew that his redeemer lives. (Job 19:25) It awes me to think that God, in the beginning, knew what our choice would be and already had plans in place for Jesus to be our redeemer […]