Book Recommendation: Help For the Fractured Soul

The Door at The End of The Hall was inspired by this bookHelp for the Fractured Soul: Experiencing Healing and Deliverance from Deep Traumaexplains multiple personalities from a Christian viewpoint. You can read my review here.

“When individuals are not willing to forgive their abusers, I explain to them that they are allowing a barrier to remain in their hearts that will hinder their ability to be healed. I often suggest that we stop ministry for the day in order to allow them time to consider their choice to forgive. When unforgiveness becomes an issue for survivors, and they are stuck in a place where they refuse to forgive, I tell them to come back when they are ready to move forward.” (Pg. 101)


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  1. Many people have experienced that when they are willing to go to the pain, expose the lie and ask Jesus for the truth that forgiveness is almost automatic. When the pain is healed forgiveness comes easily.

    Many times God shows the victim the brokenness of the perpetrator and forgiveness follows.

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