Book Review: Dancing Through Life


Dancing Through Life: Steps of Courage and Conviction by Candace Cameron Bure is more than about her time on Dancing With The Stars. It’s a story of how a Christian woman moves through the secular world with a godly worldview.

Candace is the sister of Kirk Cameron. She is known for her role as DJ on “Full House.” She was also on numerous Hallmark movies. She is a mother and wife with her worldview centered on God.

“As with so much about this journey, this was a lesson about more than dancing. Long before DWTS, I had committed to making faith my number-one priority in my life, but it was as if God was giving me an object lesson on how important it was to give Him 100 percent all of the time.” (Page 18)

Candace was thrilled with being invited to dance on the show. She didn’t go unarmed. Candace had her prayer warriors and people in her close circle of friends to keep her from wavering from her beliefs. God gave her a great dance partner in Mark who respected her as a person. The book details the struggles with the Christian world on social media, the choice of songs, the grueling hours of training, and costumes. What resonated with me was the special care she took in noting the reactions of her “Christian” fans on social media.

Page 90 went to great lengths to outline how Christians should act online. As I am writing this, I am sitting in one of the guest rooms at the missionary organization, WorldVenture, going through training as an appointee in the field of social media and mobile technology on a global scale. What she spoke about is at the very heart of my mission:

“There’s just something about the Internet that seems to weaken our filter toward what we feel the freedom to say to each other. In reflecting on my experience in dealing with public scrutiny, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to point all of us (me included!) to God’s Word for some ground rules for how we treat each other online.” (Page 90)

  1. Only Build up.
  2. Go One-On-One First (conflict resolution)
  3. Use Careful, Not Careless Words.

At the end of the book, she moves into the appendix of how to find a, “truth-centered” church. We are in an age where finding a truth-centered church is getting more difficult. Dancing Through Life is a Bible Study in how to survive the secular world, being in it without being of it. I gave this book five stars. Her fresh enthusiasm radiates from the pages of this book as it does on the television screen.

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