Book Review: Fool Me Once


According to USA Today, Harlan Coban’s newest best seller, Fool Me Once, is going to Hollywood.

‘Once,’ twice: Harlan Coben is on a roll. His latest thriller, Fool Me Once (Dutton), repeats at No. 1 on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list for the second straight week with the news that Julia Roberts will star in a movie adaptation. (The full list will publish on Thursday.) READ MORE

Maya Stern is home from serving in the Army Special Ops as a pilot. Her husband was killed in the park. Her sister died while she was fighting a war overseas. The gun discovered at the sight of her husband’s murder is linked to her sister’s death, too. Maya has a lot to handle.

She is suffering from PTSD, raising her daughter alone, with a family that is less than helpful and a nanny who is too smiley on the Nanny cam. The book begins to take us on a journey of twists and turns starting when Maya replays the Nanny Cam and is stunned to see her dead husband sitting with her young daughter. When she questions her nanny, Isabella, about this, Maya is pepper sprayed and the SD card disappears with the nanny.

The novel is brilliant. The reader makes certain assumptions from watching too many television crime shows as they follow along from Maya’s point of view. We sympathize with Maya and her struggles, sit in shock when we wonder if her husband is covering up his own death, and where is the nanny?

The novel is not from a Christian point of view. It is a well-written suspense novel that, if it became a movie, I would gladly pay the overpriced movie ticket prices to see in the theater. The end of the novel will leave you strangely restless and uncertain. It’s not a black and white ending of absolutes, but takes us into a sea of grays. It begs the question, in her shoes, what would you do?

I gave this novel five stars, and when it is a decent price online, plan on buying a better copy than the one given to me to review. This novel is my first introduction to Harlan Coban’s writing. If his other novels are like this one, he just acquired a new fan.

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