Book Review: Groove by Daphne Tarango

The death of actor, Robin Williams, caused Christian leaders and publications to talk about mental illness. Groove: Stories to Refresh the Way We Think and Feel about Our Mental Illnesses is a collection of coping stories from nine contributors to help someone walk through their darkness and into the light.

Each of the 52 chapters are broken up into weeks. Each week consists of one question per day, forcing the reader to examine more deeply his or her coping strategies and tool kits. Each chapter has a heading of the week, but no byline of who wrote the story. At first, because Daphne Tarango’s name was on the cover, I thought these stories were her personal accounts of struggling with mental illness. I later discovered the initials of the contributors at the end of each shared story. While this cleared up the confusion, it caused an unnecessary distraction. Most books will list the contributor either in the paragraph or at the top of each chapter.

Groove is a book of heart-felt and very short stories. A busy mom, for instance, could easily find the time to read each chapter while her daughter watches Frozen for the 110th time. There are realistic expectations of time built into this book. I gave this book four stars.

***Book was given to me by the author to review.


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