A Family Meal

My children are grown and gone, but as the matriarch of our family, I feel it is very important that we still gather together weekly or bi-weekly for a big family meal. I’ll be honest. I saw our grown sons start to separate and not be as close as they once were when they all […]

Coffee Companies You Should Pay Attention To…

Communities should support their local coffee shops as well as discover other coffee brands that support Christian causes. The stir created by Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Schultz, caused many Christians in waves to sign the dumpstarbucks.com boycott. It accomplished what every boycott should do—make people think about where their money goes after buying coffee. Does it […]

Granite Mountain Brewing

When you enter Granite Mountain Brewing‘s Location on 123 Cortez Street in Prescott, Arizona, your first impression is that coffee shops aren’t the only business with the corner on ambience. It looks small on the outside, but goes deep, filled with comfortable couches, chairs, and art. It encourages a more sophisticated crowd. The beautifully, handcrafted […]

Short Cuts For a Busy Week

As a publisher, writer, and reviewer while holding down a full-time job, finding a more efficient means to keep convenient, healthy options in the refrigerator becomes a weekly tug-of-war. That’s why these $3 plastic containers at Safeway are so useful. I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown away rotting veggies because they […]