Characters Make the Book

51axzhgfBTL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_Some characters stick with you even when the last page is read. Sophie van Riijn was one of those characters. In spite of all that Quentin did, Sophie tried to see the best of him, her situation, and live by her Christian values by loving him as Jesus loves her.

Christian fiction is getting better at portraying more realistic scenarios. Quentin acted and reacted like the atheists I have encountered online. His behavior was further exacerbated by the pain in his leg, his past emotional hurts, and how he chose to protect his young son from the disillusionment Quentin experienced as a boy.

Sophie also has a dream of becoming a weather person. She had, without permission from Quentin’s family, erected a weather station on top of their mansion. Sophie’s father tried to discourage her from pursuing that dream as her lack of education in the field made her less likely to be chosen to lead the new weather station in the area. Quentin also sees this and tries to train her to create proposals and to answer questions intelligently. When the government declines her application, it shatters Sophie, but Sophie has other talents.

She was the best cook in the area. Elizabeth Camden, the author, does a great job in showing us through this story how not all of us are made for greatness or prestige. Sometimes, God has other plans for us that seem mundane, like cooking for someone, being a great step-parent, taking care of someone, or just supporting others in their dreams.

While Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden was a great novel, the title was the only thing I could object to as I didn’t see the reason why it was called, Until the Dawn. In spite of this, I gave this novel four stars out of five for compelling characters and lessons to live by.

*book given by publisher to review.

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