Chasing Cheetahs

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With how difficult it is to be a good Christian, it’s no wonder that the Bible compares our life to a race (1 Corinthians 9:24). Hardships and temptations come at us often, sometimes due to our fallen world and sometimes sent by the devil. Living like Christ may seem as impossible as winning a race against cheetahs.

After all, no man or woman has a cheetah’s speed. This fast feline runs up to 70 miles per hour, quicker than any other land animals. While some extraordinarily athletic humans can run up to around 30 miles per hour, most are far slower. We could only beat cheetahs if we were given rockets for our feet, or a special power, such as super-speed.

Yet when it comes to spiritual things, we do have something like rocket shoes or super-speed, except it’s something far better. It’s Jesus Christ Himself. We can do all things through his strength (Philippians 4:13). Jesus is the Son of God, but He came to earth for a few decades as a man, so He understands the struggles of our lives due to experiencing them personally.

While on earth, Jesus raced against a long list of cheetahs: The cheetah of temptation (when the devil tried to make Him sin); the cheetah of loneliness (when His disciples all fell asleep in His time of need); the cheetah of fear (when He was facing death on the cross); and there were many others. Yet, He won the race against every one, and He can help us win, too (Hebrews 4:14-15).

Sure, we’re not perfect like Him. We’ll make mistakes. But if we stumble or get tired, the race isn’t lost. We’ve still got Jesus to guide us. We’ve still got the super-speed He provides. And He’s also given us prayer, Bible reading, godly ministers, and Christian friends to help us run faster. If we trust Him and use all the aid He offers, we can’t lose.

Perhaps the Christian life is more than a bit like racing against cheetahs. It can be so hard sometimes that we feel like we’ll never win. But with Jesus helping us, our race won’t be in vain. We won’t just chase cheetahs, we’ll run right past them, leaving them far behind. The prize awaits us at the end of the race, and with the ultimate Champion guiding us, we’re sure to win it.

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