Coffee Companies You Should Pay Attention To…

Communities should support their local coffee shops as well as discover other coffee brands that support Christian causes. The stir created by Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Schultz, caused many Christians in waves to sign the boycott. It accomplished what every boycott should do—make people think about where their money goes after buying coffee. Does it support what you believe or voted for in the last election? If not, here are a few alternatives:

Thomas Street Coffee

Thomas Street Coffee is sold here through the American Family Association. For every bag of beans you buy, the profits go towards pro-life causes, missions, and Christian coffee growers. It cost me, with a discount and shipping and handling, nearly $14 for a 12 oz. bag of Mountain Rain. The coffee took a week and a half to get to the house. While it’s not bargain shopping, the coffee is fantastic. For every cup I drank, I smiled because I knew the money I spent helped to further the Christian cause.

Just Love Coffee Roasters


Just Love Coffee Roasters was introduced to me by editor, Dan King. He and his wife sent a Google Plus request asking people to buy coffee under their account so they can raise funds to adopt. I bought the Ugandan Blend. With the Mother’s Day discount, I paid $10 for a 8 oz. bag of coffee. When I got it in the mail less than a week later, just opening the envelope made me melt in ecstasy. It smelled so fresh and strong. I would absolutely buy this coffee again if I can buy more than one. The price is prohibitive for just 8 oz., and unless you get a discount for the shipping and handling, you’d pay more than simply buying the coffee from your local coffee shop and get less. However, supporting adoptions is a great cause. If you’re going to choose a charity to support, I would buy coffee here instead of at the store, and buy more than one 8 oz. bag so you can get more bang for your buck.

In Prescott and Chino Valley, Arizona, there are four great coffee shops. Cuppers Coffee House is Christian-owned. They bake and cook their foods fresh. Coffee refills are 50 cents. Wild Iris Cafe has some foods, but mostly baked items. They charge 40 cents for any purchases under $6 if a debit or credit card is used. They have free refills. Method Coffee has a drive-thru. Overflow Cafe in Chino Valley is Chino Valley’s first, sophisticated coffee shop. While it’s difficult to find a local coffee shop on certain routes home, Starbucks, like Walmart, is on every corner, in every town. The local shops are just as numerous. Google “Coffee Shops” and your city and state to find them and taste the difference.


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  1. This was great coffee indeed.

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