God, The Designer

11164157_10206000877318132_1618283746_nIf this photo was in a gallery or museum, we would stare at it for a long time attempting to see some hidden message within its brushstrokes. But this picture is not from a gallery, it was taken just a week ago in a private home.

Having been in the construction industry most of my life, working either as a Journeyman, Project Manager, General Foreman, General Contractor, or Technical Advisor, I was amazed and taken aback when I first saw this picture. I studied the picture closely to determine what the purpose was in this craziness.

I began to see how those pipes, valves, water, and tank can represent us. The Lord opened my eyes to see each part and how they apply to our own lives.

The water is God’s word and His presence in our life–the water of life flowing from His throne.

The pipes are the conduits of His word (i.e. Attending church, studying the word, praying, small groups, mens ministry, and many other ways we use to gain more of Jesus and His Word).

The tank is us. It is our heart, mind, spirit, soul, and body–all the parts of us that receive and store up Gods word for later use.

The valves are installed by our own efforts. They are ways for us to shut out or turn off the flow of Gods Word in areas of our life that we do not want to change. We do this everyday.

Instead of addressing our problems and allowing God to impart His truth to us, we simply shut it off. We block the flow of God, His correction, and His blessings from coming through. Thus, causing a cluttered mess of our life, like the picture above, with every access and every possible access, blocked or shut off.

Many of you reading this may agree with what the Lord has shown me. Others will deny it in their life, but see it in others.

We all have done it.

Because of the bombardment of pipes and valves that we ourselves have placed in Gods design, we don’t know what way to turn or where to look to start the waters of God to flow once again through our life.

My dear brothers, we cannot continue to redirect or stop the flow of living waters in our life, shut God out, or turn off the stream of Gods’ waters. The Lord desires for that stream to grow and manifest into a flowing river of life; a river flowing with grace, mercy, compassion, and love.

We cannot blame God when we try to change His design to redirect the waters. It may work for awhile, but the results will be devastating. Life stops without water. Without the rains of Gods blessings, without the waters of His throne flowing onto us, we will dry up and cease to live.

Without water, the vines do not grow, the trees do not bloom, and the fruit cannot produce. It will not take long before our spiritual life becomes as confusing and cluttered as a small closet holding a water tank. Our physical life and thoughts become tangled, like the above valves and pipes, in a way we cannot begin to understand.

We must face and address those things in our life.

My brothers, God desires for us not to bypass things in our life, but to address them. To repair what is damaged, mend what is torn, and to rebuild what is broken.

He desires to take out all the valves that we have installed in our life, valves that open and close the things of the flesh, things of the world, and things of our own selfish desires. He desires for us to have only one valve in our life, and that is Him. It is by the blood of Christ, that we can be restored, and by the lead of the Holy Spirit that the Word of God can flow within and from us as He designed.

It is by this re-piping, this spiritual plumbing, that we can obtain the mind of Christ, allowing us to live a Christ Like life. To reflect Him and His values instead of our own. When we obtain the heart of the Lord, when we have the mind of Christ, when we live a true Christ-like lifestyle, our life does not require all those shut off valves or the maze of pipes.

Because not only is Christ the valve, but He is also a filter–filtering out and removing any impurities from our life.

When we begin to add other valves and other shut offs we are bypassing the one that the Lord installed within us. We are bypassing the power of His blood and the ability of the Holy Spirit.

Today…seek the Lord and allow Him to show you where you have installed those valves in your own life. Allow the Spirit of the Lord to be your filter and Christ Jesus to be your valve.

Brothers, your desire, your hope, and the thing you strive for daily should be to become the man that God crafted and formed you to be–true men of God and true apostles of Christ.

In order for us to be these things, we must allow God to fashion us, and not attempt to put our own design flaws into His craftsmanship.

Ephesians 2: says,
“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

Stand strong, my brothers. This journey you are taking is a harsh one within the confines of this world. There are many others out there that need to know His truth. It is our appointed duty to reach out to them, to help guide and direct, and to introduce them to Jesus.

May God bless each one of you, and may He lead and direct you in the way He would have you go.

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