As we all know, there are many broken hearts in the world. Devastation can break a soul, whether through bombs or through words. I look for encouragement every day and my mission is to deliver that encouragement through photography.

A photograph, in which I have captured beauty, is a vehicle for joyful encouragement.

God gave me a gift many years ago in the form of a Minolta SLR camera. Through the years, I have discovered the sheer enchantment of light, reflection, texture and hue. With the aid of lenses, I have seen a world I had previously never known. God’s creation is so beautiful, in both calm and exuberating displays. The opportunities to take pictures has been such a source of joy for me, and with those opportunities, I yearn to share the joy.

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  1. Oh Gail~ I LoVe that I found you here~ LoVe that you are writing and sharing not only your photos but your heart with us! May God bless your every word written to glorify Him and each photo taken to share His beauty! I love you- couz! NanC

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