Five Ways to Get Published Through Us

10385416_10152291546372476_1425303904866581628_nToo many times I’ve heard the words, “But I’m not a writer,” after someone has told me an amazing story. What they don’t understand is how different we are from other magazines.

TRC Magazine chooses to tap into the undiscovered stories, testimonies, and creative efforts without care whether that person is Billy Graham or the grandma down the street who cares for a special needs child. You can write for us even if you don’t have a website.

All stories are edited prior to publication. If the story is endearing, but sloppy, the editor can rewrite it under the author’s byline. We believe that stories are a part of the mission movement. It’s evangelism. It’s powerful. We want the writer’s story to get out if it moves us, and sometimes that means extra work for us.

So if you wish to write for us please follow these guidelines:

  • Have An Idea: People email me without any idea of how they wish to serve TRC Magazine. When you read through our guidelines, please consider thinking about how you can best serve us, what you can write or create to make an impact for Christ, and thinking outside the box is encouraged!
  • Be Professional: Query us with an idea via our emails. Do not contact us in the comment section of our blogs or use our social media sites to ask to write or serve as an editor with us. In the first paragraph, tell us what you are proposing. In the second paragraph, introduce yourself. Win us over with your personality.
  • Regarding Fiction: Unfortunately, fiction is a department where some skill as a writer is required. Our editors do not have time to rewrite a fictional story. Please make sure that you have a critique group read through your fiction before sending to us. All fiction is sent to Nikole Hahn (
  • Regarding Politics: TRC believes in engaging in the political process. We wish to be different than other political publications. We are looking for a creative political editor who can do more than write opinions, but also be brazen enough to do interviews, sometimes focusing on the human side of the politician, and really doing something different than the other political sites. We want to bring honor back to politics and make it relevant to Christians.
  • If You Have Too Much Anger…: A writer once submitted an article for consideration to me. It was a personal testimony, but anger radiated from her words. She wasn’t ready to tell her story. Two rewrites later, it was okay to publish. Even years later, I haven’t ever felt good about it. A story is more powerful when the God-lessons shine above the pain. So if you are still in the anger part of the forgiving and grieving process, wait to write to us. Let the story sit a while. I promise you that it will be far more powerful later.

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