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Dear Friends,

I hope you enjoy the variety of articles in this Winter-Spring issue, especially the video concert made exclusively for TRC Magazine. Karmann and Karmann will be at Acker Music Night in Prescott, Arizona on December 13. In this letter, I will be going over publishing changes. One change will not happen until later. Stay tuned.

200247706-001First, we touch on all aspects of culture which is why not all of our articles are overtly Christian. As a publisher, I am interested in crossover as well as traditional Christian articles and stories. Many Christians read secular books and novels and listen to secular music. The internet is humming with conversation about how Christian products are placed in the religious section and not with the mainstream; how Christian fiction is becoming irrelevant because they have to follow a certain formula to be considered Christian. Some authors are getting rejected at the secular level because they don’t know how to speak to the secular world. As Christians, we do have our own language and phrases, and its hard to relate to secular people unless we step into their world, not to be a part of it, but to be a light. This publication aims to be the light.

Secondly, we would like to work with writers who are ‘teachable,’ who  keep deadlines, and who honor verbal agreements. Our purpose at TRC Magazine is to honor God. Our readership will grow, but we want to continue thinking, ‘small.’ What I mean is, to stay humble and to focus on you as our readers and less on numbers. This is why our needs are unique.

We don’t care if the writer has a platform or an impressive resume; we look at their story and ask, “How can God use this story?” Our editors are volunteers. I am the publisher, but I don’t get an income. Any income or donations received from generous individuals or ads (coming soon), go towards operation costs, contest prizes, and any extra towards the editors and the publisher who do this above and beyond their everyday responsibilities. TRC Magazine is an affiliate of

We are not a non-profit so any donation is not tax deductible. In exchange for your donation, we would “advertise” you on a donation page on this website.  All donations will be published with how it was spent in this section of our ezine.

Change in Submission Policy

We no longer accept simultaneous submissions. We will respond to all queries within 30 days of receiving your email. If you don’t hear from us, feel free to send your idea or article elsewhere. If we lose out on publishing your fantastic story because of our procrastination or other issues, that’s our fault.

The Query

During this last submission period, it was brought to my attention that many young and upcoming writers read our magazine and hope for us to feature their unique stories here. TRC Magazine embraces fresh voices, and as a publisher and member of Word Weavers, am willing to mentor new writers, directing them to writers groups and websites that help the writer become more informed about the business.

When submitting a query, let me remind you of our expectations:

  1. Query us with who you are, your bio, and your website address. If no website address, please query anyway.
  2. In the query letter, explain what you wish to write for us. We privately assign writing jobs to known writers in our network, but if we don’t know you, please have an idea when querying.
  3. Please also don’t do the following in your query letter: Don’t Say This In Your Query Letter.

Story Submission

Here at TRC Magazine we understand, because we are writers with day jobs, that tiny details get neglected. Smaller ezines like ours mean sometimes looser rules when submitting stories. That’s why we take the time to write posts like this one–to teach, train, and help other writers become better authors.

Before submitting to our editors, please do the following:

  1. Use Open Office or Microsoft Word format when sending to an editor. Sometimes, sending via email format is okay, but only if that is arranged between the editor and you.
  2. Double-spaced, punctuated, spell-checked, and having your manuscript properly formatted is a plus. Please read this article for instructions for what is generally accepted throughout the publishing industry: Click here.
  3. Photos must be a separate file attachment in the email and the path should be jpg.

Your Voice

Your voice is important. As a publisher, we didn’t create this magazine to only show well-known names with high profile platforms, but to show Christ in each story. Sometimes, we will publish crossover stories. You can read more about crossover at Port Yonder Press. Not all poems, stories, or articles will always have the formula story or a cross stamped over the top. I accept both traditional Christian and crossover stories and articles.

I believe Christians must be active in the secular world and not just in their padded, neat Christian life. Life is messy and we at TRC Magazine want to get our hands dirty to bring all who don’t know Jesus as their Savior into a close and loving relationship with Him. That is a miracle of the Holy Spirit. To read more about how to become a follower, I encourage you to click here as Ann Voskamp has a very thorough explanation of it.

The only articles we don’t knowingly accept are articles from religions or beliefs that aren’t in line with the Bible.

So, in closing, I thank my editors and contributors for another fantastic issue of TRC Magazine! We are ever evolving as we learn new things, overcome obstacles of tiny budgets, and spread the love of Christ far and near through the tool of the internet.

IMG_4318Thank you for stopping by.

Nikole Hahn

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