Granite Mountain Brewing


When you enter Granite Mountain Brewing‘s Location on 123 Cortez Street in Prescott, Arizona, your first impression is that coffee shops aren’t the only business with the corner on ambience.

It looks small on the outside, but goes deep, filled with comfortable couches, chairs, and art. It encourages a more sophisticated crowd. The beautifully, handcrafted bar says, “Come and sit a while.”  The art work hanging behind the bar on the wall twinkle–a collection of beer mugs and white lights hanging on a tree embedded in the wall. On this particular Sunday evening, a man played a sax0phone near the large windows. A couple sat at a table and played Rummicube.


Their small kitchen offers a light fare to go with their specialty brews, such as their homemade bread. The worker explained with pride how they send the spent grains from their brewing to Pangaea bakery where Pangaea bakes special bread to be served with Granite Mountain Brewery’s specialty brews. Even their spiced mustard is homemade on the spot with the grains soaking in a brew. My husband and I ordered the cheese plate and the Ploughman’s Lunch. We also each ordered a beer. I tried the Honey Vanilla Porter and he ordered the Bradshaw Blonde Ale—both were fantastic. The Honey Vanilla Porter had a light taste in spite of it’s dark coloring. The other was crisp and light-colored.

Granite Mountain Brewery is a beautiful place to sip a beer, munch on great snacks, and what’s even more unique is how from the beer to the bread everything is made locally. With featured bands and a classy interior, it’s a place where people, who don’t care for the bar scene, can go that is similar to a winery, but instead of wine tasting, this place features quality micro-brews.


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