Halloween, Emails, and Fiction

Every year Halloween becomes a divisive topic in the Christian world. This year is no different, but like someone commented, we are majoring in the minors. Nowhere does it state in the Bible that we can’t dress up in Frozen costumes, take our kids up and down the street, and collect candy. If we were to practice witchcraft on Halloween or Astrology, then, yes, refraining from Halloween would, indeed, be biblical, but that’s not what the majority of Americans do on Halloween. It’s a time to meet our neighbors, get together with family and friends, and play pretend.

The argument about whether or not a Christian should participate in Halloween is as tiresome as when we argue about hymns or praise music, carpet color, or pews or chairs. For some, people believe they are honoring God by not participating in Halloween. For others, it’s a mission. Either way, our responses to each other should be in brotherly love, not derision, legalism, or reflecting a poor attitude. This is why I turn a fun tradition into an opportunity to interact with my community.

Every Halloween, the neighborhood looks forward to coming to our house. We serve coffee and cookies to adults and candy to kids. We play music. We open our garage wide no matter the temperature and make time for the people who cross our driveway. Daily Breads are put out, but not used instead of candy. It’s the only time in our busy lives that neighbors see each other. It’s a mission to be available for what God may do, and that’s why churches have Harvest Festivals, too.

So whatever you choose to do tonight, have fun. Eat lots of candy. Watch a movie. Interact with your neighbors. Hold a block party. Have conversations with people. You’re not celebrating Halloween. You are participating in secular holiday for the purpose of reflecting Christ.

Emails Have Changed

On another subject, we are now, or will soon be, self-hosted on wordpress. The emails consequently have changed. They will be updated soon as will our about page and editor bios.

A Word About Our Fiction and Poetry Section

I am the editor in charge of the fiction and poetry section. I am not looking for Christian-orientated, message-driven fiction. You may submit such fiction, and if the writing is good enough and the story compelling, I may consider it. However, we publish all kinds of fiction and poetry, too, that don’t necessarily have a message. Our magazine reflects all aspects of Christianity, including how diverse we are as Christians. Some Christians read things other than Christian niche fiction.

Some of us read Stephen King and some of us are Janette Oke fans. We love classical poetry or we fawn over the message poem. Neither do our stories and poetry have to be upbeat or happy all the time. We want to ‘get real’ in life. In other words, we want our magazine to reflect that sometimes we are suffering under different trials. Too many people walk into church wearing a smile that isn’t real, and TRC would like to change church from the inside out in that way. We want to encourage you to be real with each other.

Life is messy. It’s not perfect. But God is good. While life changes, God doesn’t change.

Editors Wanted

As you have noticed, we have some vacancies for editors, like a family editor, political editor, outreach, Senior Adult and recovery editor. Submit a resume to nazwordsweavers@gmail.com (attention: Nikole Hahn) to apply for that position and what you would do with the section. Yearly online meetings are a requirement. Checking email frequently is a requirement as is social networking. In the next couple of weeks, I will update this post to include job descriptions for each open position.

Please bear with us as we change platforms and emails. It’s always a difficult juggle, and the transition is happening as fast as possible. When we have new emails ready, I will update our website as well as do a special post here to remind you who to contact for what section.

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