Home Run: Interview With Scott Allan Mathews

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When I heard that TRC magazine was focusing on Celebrate Recovery and the movie Home Run, I knew my husband and I were going to have a date night. It turned out to be a double date on a Saturday afternoon with our friends, Kirby and Cindy Moses (Kirby is the editor for Pastor issues for TRC).

The movie had a limited release, but it was showing at a theater in north Phoenix, about an hour trip for us. So plans were set. Stan and I were going to meet Cindy and Kirby at the theater at 1:00 pm. We walked out of our house at noon suddenly realizing we hadn’t factored a couple of details in our time estimate. The Jeep was still packed with sound equipment from the gig the night before.

We quickly off loaded the jeep and set out. Our mad dash into Phoenix included an unexpected stop at a gas station (you can only go so far when the little gas pump shows up on the dash) and and a brief stop at the wrong theater. We finally walked into the movie just after it started, with the movie’s title showing on the screen.

The opening song, Broken, written by Scott Allan Mathew and performed by Steve Ripley of ‘The Tractors, complimented the beautiful photography, but also stood out in dark contrast to the beauty. I was immediately drawn in. The heartrendingly honest voice and lyrics pierced the circumstances of our trip into Phoenix and brought me to the present.

Scott Allan Mathews accepted Christ at the age of 8. He sat down at a piano 5 years later and composed his first song. He is a songwriter and a producer, scoring music for TV shows and movies, writing jingles and producing other people’s music. He recently began singing and performing his own songs. He wrote five of the songs for the Home Run soundtrack and produced all of them. I had the opportunity to ask Scott about his work on the movie, and about his music:


Karmann: How did you get involved with the movie Home Run?

Scott I’ve been scoring music to picture for the last 10+ years. I have done several TV opens, ESPN sports opens, movies, movie trailers, etc. along with producing albums. I’ve worked with producer Carol Mathews on several projects including 5 and 7 yr old boys. She’s my lovely wife.

Home Run is definitely her baby. Carol first took the existing script and hired screenwriters to develop and refine it.  She had the idea of writing CR into the script which really broadened it’s depth and appeal. She was intimately involved for over a year getting the script where it is today. She  procured the deals and negotiated with the studios and distribution, raising most of the investment. She spoke at every Celebrate Recovery One Day meetings across the country over the last 3 years.  

She oversees every detail. She’s definitely the general in the army and everyday, and I mean everyday, has been a hard-fought battle. She’s the hardest working person I know working 12-16 hrs a day. I’m very proud of her and her team at Hero Productions.  It’s been a pleasure watching God use her, watching him work and move with favor, provision. and anointing on and for this film.

Have you seen Carol’s interview with 700 club and ‘Faith in Film’ on Daystar? If you google those things….Home Run 700 club…..Home Run Faith in film ….they’ll come up. You should watch Carol’s interviews…she’s really great at telling the story.

Karmann: Were you familiar with Celebrate Recovery before Home Run?

Scott: Carol and I became familiar with it through our church. The testimonies are just unbelievable. We we both attracted to the honesty and humility. Any program that involves living honestly, removing masks, living truthfully, etc, is attractive to us. Celebrate Recovery does that.

Karmann: It is hard, for some married people to collaborate, how is it for you and Carol?

Scott: I’ll compose a couple of ideas for a scene and she’ll come listen and tell me how great it is…..well, sometimes. We are two very strong willed people and let’s just say a lot of iron gets sharpened which means sometimes there is noise and sparks flying. We’re a good team. We always end up with the right thing.

We’ve worked on a lot of projects together. Carol was a producer at Winnercomm here in Tulsa and I scored all of her DVD and broadcast projects for 3-4 years.

Karmann: I’ve heard the song “Surrender” on Christian radio stations and several Christian friends have told me, “you’ve got to hear this song!”  Has the success of the song affected your life?  If so, how so?

Scott: Just seeing God use it to bless people. I have people coming up to me and telling me how it has touched them. Celebrate Recovery has made it their theme song. So, I’m just happy that it is being used for God’s glory and His purposes. 

Karmann: On your web site, www.scottallanmathews.com, you have 5 songs “from and inspired by” the movie.  Can you give me some examples of what inspired them?  Were any inspired specifically by Celebrate Recovery?

Scott: Well, the testimonies are just incredible and they’re all word for word from real CR testimonies. I tear up every time I see them, even after 100 viewings. The actors are flawless in their delivery and they definitely move me.  Very anointing. The end song “Surrender” is based  on everything we’ve heard in the movie up to that point. ‘I’m tired of fighting’, ‘I’m tired of the struggle’, ‘ I don’t know what else to do’, ‘I’m laying my stuff down at Jesus’ feet and letting go and trusting Him’.

All of the songs on the soundtrack album that were not written my me, were written by other people for the songwriting contest we had. The top two winners songs were used in the credit roll. As far as what producing entails in my case it’s basically everything..playing all of the instruments, arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering Every note in the movie, song and score, was played by me. All the instruments, etc.

Karmann: Your bio indicated that your faith has had a huge impact on your music and you becoming a performing artist.  How has being a husband and a father affected your music?

Scott: They have both affected my music greatly. By being a husband I find I start writing a song that describes God’s love for me and I notice that it works interchangeably with Carol as well. She does an incredible job of loving me regardless of my shortages and mistakes. God loves me through her and I draw a tangible inspiration from that. As far as being a father, again it’s just a very tangible example of Gods love. I look into their eyes and I get a picture of how God looks at me. I hold them and I can know that He longs to hold me in the same way. If that doesn’t inspire lyrics…..then nothing will.

You can go here to check out the nearby places where Homerun is still showing. Check out Nikole Hahn’s review of Homerun here, and her interview with actor Scott Elrod, who played Cory Brand, here. Many thanks to Scott Allen Matthews for sharing his thoughts with me!


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  1. I remember listening to Carol Mathews 2/22/12 in a church near Portland, OR. She was talking about Home Run, The Movie, along with John Baker Sr and Jr. It was a one day seminar and it sparked me to get involved with local promotion of the movie here in Bend, OR. Thank you for putting Home Run, The Movie out there!
    Norm Schultz, Westside Church CR, Bend, OR

  2. Norm, thank you for taking the time to comment, and also on the work you did to promote “Home Run”. I was very moved by the movie and the music. Both Mathews, and all involved in putting the movie together, did a wonderful job!

  3. gilaire gleed says: Reply

    I had seen Home Run fell in love with the music, I love the piano arrangements for “Broken” and “you are not alone” is there somewhere you can buy these arrangements…thy are amazing and so moving

    1. I believe they have a website.

  4. Karmann Powell says: Reply

    Gilarie, I think you can purchase downloads of the songs at http://www.scottallanmathews.com/. Scott wrote and performed all the songs from the movie.

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