How to Inspire People to Open Your Email Forwards

Email forwards are really a black mark on human existence. The stories are circulated like gossip, rewritten, re-forwarded, and usually false or outdated. If you are really sold on your email forwards and it’s an activity you enjoy, here’s how you can inspire people to open them so they treat you like a credible source. 
  1. The email list. Those email lists, at best, are tedious to upkeep. When someone asks to be removed from them, you may forget and send another one again. In the early years of my internet usage, I, too, got into email forwards and was offended if someone asked to be removed from the list. Instead, open a chimpmail account. It’s free. Upload all your emails onto a list and put the responsibility on the receiver to unsubscribe. You can send out nice looking emails and copy and paste your information into the body of that email.
  2. Don’t Circulate Bad Information. The reason email forwards have a bad reputation is because people hit the forward button without thinking about what they are forwarding, or if the person wishes to receive it. Take five minutes to do a google search and update the email with the current information.
  3. Know Your Audience. Email forwarding is no different than blogging at times. You know the people on your email list. You sit with them at church. You have lunch with them. You have prayed for them. You know where they stand religiously and politically. When you forward or write your emails, keep them in mind. Afterall, you do want them to read your email. Send what you KNOW each person may want to read or hear at least 50% of the time. Tailor it to be evangelistic to apply to their life if they do not believe. You have to think like a newspaper person. Be accurate. Your accuracy will be rewarded.
  4. Send Them All in One Email. Don’t clog up someone’s email with 50 forwards. Copy and paste from the body of each email into one email so they receive one email to look at, and add a personal message for your friends.

Now that you have registered for a chimpmail account, uploaded your email addresses, and created the first template, you have 155 email forwards to go through sent from your friends, relatives, and that man who insisted on sending you the funniest video ever.

Copy and paste them into the body of the chimpmail template and send your friends one beautifully laid out email newsletter filled with your favorite forwards. Let’s use email forwarding in a missional and more purposeful way to create beautiful friendships. Let’s also send a message to the unbelieving world that Christians are solid places to find answers.

Newsletter Ideas:
  • Are you mission-minded? Subscribe to different missionary sites and share on your new newsletter their public prayer requests. Always check to see if their emails are okay to forward.
  • Are you all about women’s ministry? Consider creating a chimpmail account around issues that pertain to women. You don’t have to be a leader of a women’s ministry to create one.
  • Do your Christmas cards each year with an interactive newsletter and a personal video by you.

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