Craft: Baby Mittens


My new nephew needs a pair of mittens now that the weather has turned cold.  I remember searching the stores for a pair a few years ago when my two kids were little and I was never able to find any small enough.  My babies had to make do with a pair of toddler sized gloves that were way to big and never seemed to stay on.  Luckily, I’ve learned to sew since then so I can help my sister-in-law out with that problem.

No need to buy a pattern–you can simply use your baby’s hand measurements.  This is what I did while making mittens for my nephew.

Step 1:

Take measurements of your baby’s hand width and length, as well as the circumference of your baby’s wrist.  Take these measurements and add a .5 inch for your seam allowance and any extra space for ease that you may want.  I cut out my pattern pieces on paper first.

 iphone 020

Step 2:

Cut out your fabric pieces using your paper pattern.  You will need to cut out 2 hand pieces (the oval) and 2 wrist bands (the long rectangles).  You will also need to cut out one solid piece for each hand.  To do this, place the oval on the wrist band to one side and cut it out of your fabric as if it was one piece.
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Step 3:

Pin the wrist band over the solid piece and sew all sides.  I serged my sides so that my mittens would have some stretch, but that’s not a necessity.  If you only have a regular sewing machine, a straight stitch will work here or a zig zag stitch if you would like some stretch as well.
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Step 4:

Turn the wristband inside out so that the outside edges are nice and finished.  The upper edge should be folded over so it matches the other sides and sewn down with a straight stitch.  Now when I made my nephew’s mittens I made the whole thing out of fleece.  It was at this step that I was wishing I hadn’t.  More than two layers of fleece is hard for my machine to sew.  Next time I think I would make my long rectangle piece of wristband out of flannel.  It would make it much easier to sew.

Step 5:

Next pin the oval piece to the solid piece.  I marked with chalk my start and ending points so I wouldn’t go too far.  Then sew your seam and trim it down once you’re done.
iphone 027iphone 028

Step 6:

Turn the hand part inside out.

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Step 7:

Cut strips of Velcro to pin on the wrist band and sew. I made sure I reinforced the edges.  Make sure when your are sewing the Velcro strips on that you make sure you don’t catch the back of your mitten hand piece.

Step 8:

You have a completed baby mitten!
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