In God’s Grace – The Journey

Shipley EditSix and a half years after the end of a twenty-year marriage, I found myself lost, and quite honestly, in auto pilot mode. At the time, it felt like I was grieving a death; a loss of who I was, where I came from, where I was going, and how was I going to get there.

It was a long process, but an incredible journey to rebrand my life from what it was before and what it was now becoming. Through my love of music, I began to see God and He has guided me on a path of praise and worship to Him.

My journey started at a small church in my community called St. Charles Christian Church. Pastor Chris Franklin and my friends on the worship team were a great encouragement to me by allowing me to lead worship. As a team, we shared a powerful musical message with the congregation each and every Sunday.

I started a group last year called, 2StepsForward. It’s all about taking a few simple steps as God guides you. The first song I wrote called, Power of the Cross, tells a bit of my journey and where I am at today. I have two other songs I recently wrote called, Tiny Little Chapel, and Broken Road. I based them on a young woman who committed suicide. While I wrote it, I was asking God why, seeking his comfort and Grace.

Thinking back, If it were not for the small church on the corner, I would not be where I am musically, and more importantly, spiritually. The doors were opened for me to walk through, and I am taking advantage of what God is offering me. Regardless of where my music takes me or does not take me, I will always have my love for God that grows stronger each day! I saw a quote the other day. It said,

“Worship is not just singing loud, It is living loud for our Great God.”

All of my music is dedicated to my Nephew T.J. Washington who lost his life at age 12 in a car accident. His memory is my inspiration.

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Author: Kathryn Shipley

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