Is Our Culture Our Downfall?



Who is Influencing Our Families?

Children and youth today do not have television programs that instill morality or integrity within their lives. Instead, programs that indulge in homosexuality, promote drug use and disrespect to parents and/or authority like Glee, Family Guy, Simpsons, American Dad, and several others are what children and adults are watching, sometimes even as a family. What these programs promote is the opposite of what scripture teaches, and the opposite of what we desire for our children to learn.

Many people admire movie actors, sports stars, singers, and those that possess great wealth and power, often modeling our life and our looks to resemble them, and going to such great lengths as to learn some language that was created for a movie or program, such as Klingon or Elvish.

Have you instead considered looking into the great history or cultures found in scripture?

Samson was a man of unnatural strength. Solomon could have asked for anything from God, but instead requested wisdom so he could govern his people.  Abraham birthed a nation. Moses freed an entire nation without himself causing violence or war. David sinned greatly, but turned to God in repentance. The Apostle Paul was my favorite, who like myself, persecuted Christians until meeting Our Lord Jesus, but unlike myself, later became one of the greatest teachers of Christianity. It is not until we deny the worldly influences in our life that we can be free of them.

Influences like television and how we were raised are in our thought patterns, actions, and words. We carry these teachings into our relationships with others, into our marriages, and even teaching them to our children. These influences are often the cause of great turmoil within our life, and in the lives of our family and friends, both in our homes and in our workplace. Because of this, the mindset of people are different than they were generations ago as more fathers fail to fill their roles as family men and leaders.

Men and Women: Their Individual Roles

It is the job of men to direct, lead, protect, and to cultivate. Our children can receive spirituality from their mothers, but their identity must come from their fathers. We must bless our children as the scriptures describe.

This design, this role of man, was set long ago in the garden of Eden, and during the creation of the universe.

But man stepped aside and turned it over to the woman. Women are created by God to complete us. They are designed by the Lord to do marvelous and wondrous things, but they are not designed to take the role of a man. We are the ones God placed in that position. Because women are stepping into the roles we vacated, people wonder why things are messed up in the home. They wonder why things are messed up in society, and why our children today are so mixed up and confused. Women are frustrated with men and the views of society toward women. She was not designed or created to do this job, and feels frustrated when we force her to fill it due to our lack of leadership.

Her job is hard enough as she tolerates us and tries to complete us when we feel that we do not need to be completed; dealing with our hardheadedness, coaxing us to get off our backsides and be fathers to our children. We need to be family men of integrity with the love that God so specifically designed for them. Men need to honor her by showing love and admiration, to love her as Christ loved us.

Brothers, the time has come for us to repent, to seek the forgiveness of the Lord. We must take the stand in our own lives and break those generation chains that continue to direct our present behaviors. It’s a cycle we need to end.

Renew Your Faith and Commitment to the Lord

Brothers, do not be ashamed of your downfalls, for in truth we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But instead boldly rise up from the ashes and show your devotion to the Lord. Be accountable to your wife and your family for those things the Lord calls you to do. Repent to God for your downfalls and to your families for issues of stubborn pride and worldly ideas. Men need to give themselves permission to find physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal in God. This is the time that men need to turn ourselves and our families back to God, the Father.

Fathers need to lay their hands on our sons and daughters, and speak the blessings and the word of God into their lives. Tell them they are loved, precious, intelligent, and are perfectly and wonderfully made in the eyes of God.

A Last Word

2 Timothy 3:1-5:
“But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come, for men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of Godliness but denying its power”

My friends, this scripture sounds more like today’s headlines. What 2 Timothy describes are behaviors that we see today taking place within our own homes. Men of God, search your hearts and look deep within yourselves and see the cause of our actions. By allowing the Lord to reveal these truths to us, we are able to see clearly the motivations of our actions. Men, you need to lead your family, or copy my mistakes as a man.

I had become a product of the culture I was raised in. It took some time and a lot of repenting in front of my family, but light came into the darkness, wounds were healed, and relationships were restored. This came as a result of allowing honesty in my family and being honest about myself. Your children may hesitate in telling you, but I guarantee your wife will not. You want to know what kind of man you really are, ask your wife, and she will tell you!

And so will the Lord, if you truly ask and listen to what He has to say.

I pray that all who read this will listen to what the Lord is speaking into your heart. Allow the Holy Spirit to bring up and uncover those things that you may not be aware of within your life.  Allow The Lord to heal, restore, and renew the man that is within. In Jesus name, I pray this for all men, amen.

Rise up, oh men of God, rise up, and don’t let our culture lead our families. Take the job you were given and be the stronger voice over that of Glee or Family Guy.


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