Job Openings (Volunteers, Internships)

TRC Magazine gives an editor the power of creativity. You work with the publisher to determine what goes into your section of the magazine. You also get to choose what writers to add to your team. Every editor and writer’s worldview must be in line with basic Christian beliefs as outlined in Wayne Grudem’s, Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know. As a publisher, I get to override. I am the type of publisher that doesn’t want to micromanage, but to encourage the creativity of each editor, giving them the ability to really develop their own section of the magazine. TRC Magazine publishes quarterly. You can read more about our editor guidelines here:

Editing Positions Available:
Men’s Section: Issues around men. 
Family Matters: All things family. 
The Church: Church-related things and theology. 
Senior Adult Editor: All things related to issues with Senior Adults. 
Politics: Must be conservative and must be willing to show both sides of an issue.
Outreach and Recovery
Food, Wine, and Beer
Submit resume to This is a volunteer position. If we get any donations, it first goes to the operation of the magazine. Anything left over is evenly distributed to each editor as a gift card, thanking them for their service to TRC Magazine. That may change next year as we migrate away from advertising to a different way. 

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