Karmann and Kompany: Let’s Celebrate Christmas Right #Review

With the door open and the cool night pressing into the warm house, it seemed only right to wait til now to listen to, “Let’s Celebrate Christmas Right,” by Karmann and Kompany.

It began with a rendition of, “What Child is This?” and ended with, “Joy to the World.” My favorite song thus far has been the remake of the song “Santa Baby.” The original song was written in 1953 by writer, Philip Springer. The story behind the song goes as follows:

Philip Springer first got involved with the song Santa Baby in 1953, when he was working with Joan Javitts and financed by an older gentleman. Their financier made a deal with Victor Publishing who had asked them to write a song for the legendary Eartha Kitt. At first, Joan was assigned to work on the song but then tapped into Philip’s talents shortly afterward.

The songwriting process was almost instantaneous. Joan had supplied Phil with a single song lyric that read “Santa baby, just slip a sable under the tree, for me.” Hearing the music in his head, Phil literally wrote the music for the song in five minutes. The entire process of fitting lyrics to music took only about three weeks. (FROM HERE)

The Hairpin, a blog online, said this about “Santa Baby,”

“Santa Baby” is bizarre on many levels, not least of which is the unbelievable amount of stuff Santa is asked to deliver. Furs? Platinum? Tiffany ornaments? How much money does Ol’ St. Nick need to obtain all of these gifts and ensure some “chimney hurrying”? READ MORE (she or he has priced each of what Santa is supposed to give the singer). 

Karmann and Kompany take a 1953 song and change its lyrics to something more meaningful. karmannandkompanyHence, “Let’s Celebrate Christmas Right.” The music CD is a beautiful and calming celebration of a holiday that has been consumed by materialism, urging the listener to return to the roots of Christianity.

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