Life Unedited: How to Win a $20 Starbuck’s Card

January 31 – April 10
Winner Announced Privately on April 10
Winner and runners up showcased in the April 30 TRC Magazine Edition


Example from the Publisher: #RealLifeTRC  “Friends of the Faith”

Our Inspiration For This Contest:

“I didn’t believe it at first either. But then I realized I was starting to do it. You know, that thing where you stage photos and take a million of them until you think you’ve gotten just the right one. Yeah, that’s instagram-life. Real life is just that. Real images that you snap once (maybe twice) and post. No crazy staging. No crazy editing. Just real life. I try not to do the instagram life thing too often, but it happens. And I’m not ashamed. But my goal is real life images on my Instagram account, as often as possible.”  READ MORE

The Details
Help us go viral! It’s about creating a movement.
People are using software programs to fine tune their instagrams. Our staff got together and decided that, in this age of air brushing and perfection, we want you to share with us ‪#RealLifeTRC‬–Your photos, your life, capturing moments of realness as you walk the Christian walk. You can only use the editing available on Instagram.

Rules (you are responsible for what you post):

  • Use #RealLifeTRC with a short tagline of what the photo means to you. What moment is it capturing? Why was this photo important? Please share a scripture.
  • Share as much as you wish. The more the merrier.
  • Only editing allowed is what is available on Instagram.
  • After sharing it on Instagram and Facebook, post to our Facebook or Instagram account.
  • We will share the best photos on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Winner and runners up will be privately notified on April 10. Publicly, winners will be featured in the April edition of TRC Magazine.
  • People who share their photos on social media automatically give us the right to publish them on our social media (or share). They are responsible for what they snap a picture of and TRC Magazine is not liable for what is in the picture.
  • Winner and Runners Up must sign a media release prior to publication in April. If they are underage, a parent must give written consent.
  • All photos must align with orthodox Christian beliefs. The best example is here. 
The Prize: 
  • First Place: $20 Starbucks Ecard, Bio, Headshot, and story behind the photo (in detail) published in the April edition.
  • Second, third, and fourth runners up get their photo and handle published with a link back to their website or social media.
  • There can only be one first place winner and one winner in each runner-up category.


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