Living Water


We are fearfully and wonderfully made! The more I discover about the body God gave me, the more inclined I am to take care of it and honor Him with it. Just as it is vital to be refreshed spiritually each day with His living water, it is equally as vital to be refreshed daily with the right amount of regular old H2O to function well physically.

It is a scientific fact that our brain, heart, lungs, skin, muscles and kidneys depend on water to function optimally. Water also lubricates our joints while flushing out toxins that can build up within them and compound or lead to arthritis. Aside from the flushing out of toxins, water also removes viruses and fat cells from the body. Water is also a shock absorber for the brain and the spinal cord. Interestingly, mid-day fatigue is one of the first indicators of mid-day dehydration.

And what is our most frequent solution?

An afternoon caffeine kick that actually removes more water from the body and only makes the problem worse once the caffeine wears off.

It never made sense to me when I was told that “everyone” needs eight cups of water a day for hydration. How could eight cups be “the answer” given all the varied shapes and sizes within the population? If science has determined that 60% of the human adult body is water, it made sense to me that there must be a mathematical calculation that would work better and more accurately determine the hydrating needs of each individual.

So I began my quest for a more clear and accurate way to determine the right amount of water each person should drink daily. How much water should I consume to keep my body hydrated and functioning in tip-top condition? My quest was not long and was not at all difficult. I asked my doctor, a Naturopathic expert, and what he recommended made perfect sense. Simply take your weight and divide it by two. The number you get is the amount of ounces per day of water YOUR body needs.

Now, when I first share this with people, they usually gasp and say, “I could never drink that much water in one day.” Remember, what gets planned, gets done! Here is the plan that works best for my husband and me. We each have our own container that holds twenty ounces. We both know our daily number–how many times we need to fill that container daily to stay hydrated. For my husband, his number is five containers per day for a total of one hundred ounces. I hope you’ll understand if I keep my number to myself.

Often, when I bring the hydration subject up, people tell me, “I hate the taste of water.” I totally get that. Change is hard and getting started with a new plan is the toughest part. Once I do get started, if I don’t like something or become bored with it, I will tend to give up!

So here are some simple and inexpensive ways to keep it interesting and get those ounces down by changing the taste of plain water. Not only do these recommendations taste good, some add further cleansing and healing health benefits. The most obvious and familiar is a simple slice or two of lemon. Lemon is high in vitamin C’ and is a well-known internal cleanser for the liver and kidneys.

Lime slices will change the pace while accomplishing virtually identical results. Another favorite of mine is a few leaves of fresh basil or mint. Slices of cucumber are amazing! Cucumber, mint and lime all together are off the charts! If you prefer a little sweetness, try apples or orange slices. For those with digestion issues, freshly chopped ginger and a few mint leaves will do the trick nicely. Since I began my quest for adequate hydration, I now share my concoctions when hosting a gathering or dinner party. I will make a nice large pitcher of water with a combination of two or three of ingredients listed above. Not only is it mostly gone by the end of the evening, I have received rave reviews for my creative, healthy and flavorful calorie-free refreshments.

Now is the time imbibe deeply and never go thirsty again!

Debra Trusela

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