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Dear Readers,

Our small community of Prescott suffered two major fires; one being the largest in our history. It’s been amazing to see churches come together to help rebuild Yarnell and how our town has shown so much love to the families of the 19 Hot Shots who died. Most people in our small town knew, were related to, or had friendships with one or more of the hotshots. This community is full of churches, but many unbelievers have no idea of the good churches do.

Someone on Twitter tossed a snarky comment out into the fray after the tornado devastation in Moore, Oklahoma. She or he mocked someone who sent their prayers to Moore. The snarky comment said: “They need more than your prayers.” Another comment showed a lack of knowledge about the good churches do in nearly every community. That’s why we, The Relevant Christian Magazine, believe strongly in getting online and becoming an influence.

We need Christian writers who are willing to risk controversy, dig into human nature and sin, and not forget to shower the world with the grace and mercy of Jesus. Our editors cover a wide background of experiences, and I am pleased to announce we have a family editor. Below are the editors blogs, contact information, and what they are looking for in contributions. Please contribute to the editor that best fits your article or story. See their full bios here.


Nikole Hahn, Publisher


Looking For: Missions, food, beer, and wine articles, short fiction, dramatic non fiction, senior concerns, books, movies, art, recovery articles, interviews, and testimonies. Regarding fiction: I am interested in all genres, including crossover. I do not like preachy, message-driven fiction. Just tell me a story.

Contact: nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com


Kirby Moses, Kirby’s Korner



This section is all church-related. Read his introductory article here to get a feel of what would fit.

Contact: pastorscorner@thehahnhuntinglodge.com


Matthew Perry, Political Editor

Yavapai County Young Republican League

Looking for controversy, courage, for and against articles, liberal and conservative, etc. Read Matthew’s last post here to determine if your article is a good fit.

Contact: political.editor@yahoo.com


Pastor Steven McReynolds, Men’s Ministry Editor


He is active on our magazine’s Facebook Page here.

Looking for articles related to male concerns.

Contact: menseditor@thehahnhuntinglodge.com


Margaret Opsal, Family Editor


Looking for, “Real life examples of God’s faithfulness in overcoming family issues. Specific ways to apply God’s Word to family life, “how to’s” that can be easily put into practice. Amusing and personal anecdotes of family life to bring laughter and cheer to others. Interesting trends that impact families directly. Homeschool helps and encouragement for those who are currently homeschooling or who are interested in it. Reviews of movies, you tube videos, secular books, and all things entertainment in order to give families information to choose wisely.”

Contact: familyeditor@yahoo.com

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Karmann Powell, Music Editor



Looking for anything related to the Christian music scene. Read her article here on what she is looking for in the next issue. We have some great things planned for the music section.

Contact: musiceditor@thehahnhuntinglodge.com

The next issue goes live December 1. Open submission period goes from August 1 until October 31. We are discussing what direction we’d like our next edition to cover. It’s our Winter/Spring edition.

Happy Writing,

Nikole Hahn

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