Making Room to Grow


Hi Friends,

The Relevant Christian Magazine is a year old! The idea for TRC was birthed in 2012. I realized that a great website and ezine required a carefully planned vision and mission statement, as well as the voices and talents of many others.  I gathered a few individuals together who shared the same passion as I; to encourage people to know Christ.

Our first edition was published in June, 2013 (you can see it in the archives). Since then we have learned some lessons, went through some editors (after all, this is done by volunteers, including myself and financed by me), and every issue just gets better!

In this edition, we have some very bright people with amazing resumes writing political opinions, free music from our music editor, Karmann Powell, and another video sermon by Pastor Kirby Moses. We also have many, many other interesting articles that bring up things like Attachment Parenting.  I hope you find these articles stimulating.  Consider leaving a comment under the articles to let us know what you think. It’s why we went to a multimedia format.

We want to get to know you, our readers. We want the opportunity to pray for you. Email our editors or myself at anytime to ask for prayer. You can also post prayer requests on any of our various social media outlets, like Facebook.

Life is hard, and you are not alone. In spite of our differences, we, as Christians, can unite together for a common goal–encouraging people to get to know Christ as their Savior, to understand the need to repent.

I can only imagine how hard it was emotionally for the woman facing stoning in John 7:53-8:11 to hear Jesus say, “Go, and sin no more.” She was an adulterer. Imagine the relationship she had with the other person, the emotional attachments, and while that love was wrong, Jesus asked her to make a hard choice: Him or her sin. In this case, probably a married man, an unattached lover, etc. Following Jesus means making some hard choices, not out of duty, but out of love for Him who died for you.

Jesus changes lives. He doesn’t allow us to “have our cake and eat it, too.” If that were the case, the cross would be obsolete. His sacrifice would not have been necessary. Salvation would be automatic. No, there’s an order to our universe, and sin doesn’t work well in that order. It brings chaos and dysfunction. For things to be made right, we must find the courage to look at ourselves from the outside, and like Anne Graham Lotz said on Facebook:

“Revival begins when you draw a circle around yourself and make sure everything in that circle is right with God”

Many, many blogs compete to be heard and seen. Many ezines populate the web. We’re different in that we are interested in change–change in you and change in us, but not the kind of change that goes against the Bible. In order to show Jesus, we need to make time for online and real life relationships, and invest in them.  We need to stop thinking that a two-second ‘like’ is the same as having coffee with a friend in need.

In order for the magazine to continue to improve, I ask that, in October, you help us raise funds for new equipment, a bonus for the editors and myself, and for the new website platform. We are considering going with FistBump Media LLC so we are more efficient. For those who donate, we will have a “thank you” in the donation section of our magazine.  We will announce what was raised and how it was spent in next year’s edition.   Please be praying about financially supporting The Relevant Christian Magazine.

Thank you for investing in us!

 Nikole Hahn

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  1. Great Post, and I forgot about the pic of the tanker truck on the highway with “Coffee” on the back.-Tony Hahn

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