Man and The Corruption of Todays World

Note From The Men’s Editor: Those of you who are regular readers of our magazine know that I usually focus my attention and writing towards the issues that face Christian men in this life. The men’s articles are normally geared toward men stepping up to the plate, allowing others to hold them accountable for the way they portray themselves as husbands,  fathers, and Christians. But this edition is different, in light of the things that have been taking place in the world, and the things that have recently taken place right here in our own backyards. The Lord has had me change my normal venue and address a completely different issue.

_This little light of mine,

The original settlers came to this country from lands scattered across the world to escape oppression and religious persecution. They left homes, families, and their very way of life in search of freedom, to worship God as they felt compelled in a place not ruled by a dictator.

This nation and its Constitution was built upon biblical concepts found in scripture. Many of our founding fathers stated this, referenced scripture, and God many times.

John Adams wrote in 1798,

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is inadequate to the government of any other.”

Noah Webster once stated in 1828,

“In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed…No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.”

Society is turning from the truth, embracing sin, deceit, and denying God. Many ministers are preaching politically-correct, feel good sermons, instead of the truth found in the scriptures.

Recently, a 65-year old man received gender reconstruction surgery to be a woman. States are talking about allowing children to receive this same surgery without parental consent. Schools are teaching that gender is not an issue; they can be whatever they feel like being, and use the restroom of whatever gender they identify with. A boy can choose to be a girl; a young girl can choose to be a boy. The schools, doctors, and society say parents ought to encourage their children in this direction. Christians are being sued for standing by their religious beliefs. Some LGBT are even suing Christian churches for not condoning same sex marriages.

Thomas Jefferson once said,

“Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.”

I have traveled extensively throughout this vast country from Northern Maine to the Pacific Ocean; from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border. I have worked side by side with men and women (Iron workers, operators, electricians, truck drivers, and laborers) that live a life on the road in one of the largest and hardest industries in the country.  I deal daily with engineers, large power corporations, local and state regulations and laws. I have seen a lot of things that struck me as odd or different, but nothing that has pulled at my heart or weighed down my spirit like the things we face today.

I am currently in the Bible-belt state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma had a Satanic monument at the capital building, along with the Ten Commandments monument. Both recently were removed by order of the Supreme Court. Within a sixty-mile radius of here is a very diverse culture to say the least. Oklahoma has a mixture of Druid, Pagan, Wicca, Apache beliefs, Cherokee beliefs, Comanche beliefs, Christian, Muslim, and more. A lot of people are mixing and matching these religions, accessorizing their own religious concepts, even in churches. Then, there’s our military.

Our military have concerns that they may have to walk the streets of this country doing police actions just as they do in the Middle East. This is their home, home of their families, and where they have grown up. Our military is unwilling to enforce police actions on our streets.

So all this brings me to a few questions, questions that I ask you all to think about as well.

  1. With all of this going on in your societies, cities, and towns. What are you doing to fight against it?
  2. Are you gathering together with like-minded believers and praying and fasting?
  3. Are you rising up to be the person God created us to be?
  4. Are you preparing your hearts and minds for the spiritual side of this fight?
  5. How are you speaking about these issues around your children?
  6. Are the things you are condoning and doing reflecting God, or are they reflecting the world?
  7. Does your loyalty lay with scripture, or does it sway in agreement toward family and friends trapped in sinful lifestyles?

Being a true Christian is hard today. Be courageous. Take a stand. Be a light for those caught up in corruption. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Who of you will join me in serving God instead of culture?

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