Missions Prayer: An African Pastor and His Wife

Pastor Lucas and his wife Jane live in Kenya,  Africa. Once in a while, I like to focus on praying for our brothers and sisters who work in other countries. Would you pray for his ministry? The following was written by Pastor Lucas. You can find him on Facebook here.

10633303_348964721937331_7660473933854704017_oPastors Lucas Obanda and his wife Jane have been married for twenty years. They have five children. These children also serve the Lord together with them in the ministry. They received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior during their teens. Lucas worked as a school teacher until 1989, when he resigned as a response to the Call of God on his life. The Lord made it clear that He had other plans for him. After a series of dealing, God called him into full time ministry in 1990. Jane is a housewife. God called her into ministry in 1985. God honors His Word by realizing salvation, healing, deliverance, strength and encouragement as they preach the Word of God. They are overseers of New Hope Fellowship Churches in Kenya, Africa. And, also serve as board members of Mumias, Bulimbo, Matungu Pastor’s Fellowship.

New Hope Fellowship Church is an Inter-Denominational Ministry with the Vision of reaching the unreached tribes and people in the villages and remote areas in Kenya, Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We teach and equip them with sound Bible doctrine for their accomplishment of the Great Commission and Discipleship before our Lord returns.

Holding open air crusades in markets and other strategic places in villages and remote areas, putting the greatest focus in rural areas and places where the Gospel has never been preached.

This is mostly followed by Revival meetings to encourage the newly saved, and teaching them foundation teachings of the Word. We also have special discipleship sessions for the leaders and those already saved.

In our outreaches, we have encountered many orphans and street children. These less fortunate children are total orphans without both parents. they have suffered much rejection and need love, care and support. Our church has already identified and is supporting 29 children (orphans). The premises these less fortunate children use is inhumane and unhealthy, and we are now trusting God for an Orphanage building Center. With your prayers and support, we can make the difference in lives of these children.

Widows and Orphans
This program is working to provide for widows and orphans and to keep the school functioning for the young children in the area. Early education is not mandatory in Kenya. The parents are expected to do it. If the parents are unable or if there are no parents, the children miss the preparation they need to enter school. The New Hope Fellowship Church has had an early childhood school for eight years.

The teacher works without a salary and lives on the contributions of her student’s parents who are very poor, and the people of the small church, are also very poor. She has been in her position since the school opened eight years ago. She also cares for a mentally handicapped boy.

10621013_324645454369258_1879912334_nPastor Lucas and Jane Obanda started a program that will provide both income and food for the children in the school as well as the widows and orphans in the community. They have purchased three goats and already have a new baby. They will continue to breed the goats and use them for milk and eventually meat. They also have some chickens for eggs and meat.

Their need is for good milk cows, not just the native cows. They will breed these to increase the herd and sell, and they will provide milk for the children. They also need more goats and chickens. They have space for the livestock, but they would like to buy a tract of land on which to raise some crops. Land can be leased, but once it is improved and producing , the landlord tends to want it back. The best way is to buy–but money for leasing and seed is better than nothing.

Please pray for the following:

  • Dairy Cows @ 30,000KSH = about $500-$571 each.
  • Goats @ 2000 KSH each = about $28 each.
  • Laying Hens @ 300 KSH = about $4.00…only a few can produce lots more!
  • Land around Mumias runs about $2500 an acre. Two or Three acres would get the job done

Pastor Lucas and Jane can be reached at pastorobanda222@yahoo.com.

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