Poetry: The Storm

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Joyous, smiles, gleeful

Surrounded by many;

Blameless, carefree, inspiring

Pure, well-defined thoughts;


Clear blue atmosphere

Sunshine fills the heavens

Unaware of the commotion coming


Alone, sad, desperate

Searching hopelessly

Glitches, challenges, put-downs

Impermanent blurred mind


Dark clouds approach the horizon

Fog conceals the sun

Turmoil arises


Endless distress and sorrow

Gloomy clouds cover blue sky

Misery overcomes joy

Light dwindles into sheer shadows


Opportunity alters hopelessness

Rain drizzles the cracked earth

Predictable transforms into realism

Whirlwind supports precipitation


Sucked into ongoing synthetic aspiration

Flood and torrent flow interminably

Cognizant one reveals authenticity

Vigorously rooted trees stand unyielding


Shame, doubt, vulnerability

Confusion and remorse follows

Bright, positive, jolly

Lightning flashes; Divulges factuality


United in quandary

Tempest carries clouds away

Solid in The Book

Sunlight emerges from suppression


Faith springs from truth

Crystal sea-color firmament

God remains steadfast


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