Pokemon Go and How to Get a Starbuck’s Card #coffee


Life has gotten extremely busy since partnering with WorldVenture. In the midst of raising support, I’ve come to depend upon my group of volunteers. Because of this my Pokemon Go review will instead be located at another website. I will post it next week. Suffice it to say that people should use Pokemon Go, rather than be a band-wagoner against it, to promote youth get-togethers in safe environments. Like any game, it can be used for good or bad. But that’s for my review of it later. On to the important stuff…

Mia Koehne will no longer be our editor. God is blessing her work and she needs to focus more on this. So please continue praying for her ministry work. I am grateful that she will be staying on as a Columnist Writer. The editor position is always more work than the Columnist Writer position. Since our organization is staffed by volunteers, I am grateful for the talent God is providing us.

The last contest we ran received no contestants. Since our sponsor gave us this $20 Starbuck’s card, we have to give it away. We started a new service called, Monday Cafe. And we need your help encouraging people to sign up. So follow these instructions and give me an opportunity to gift one person with a $20 Starbuck’s card.

We feel that Monday Cafe is an important first step in the direction that TRC Magazine is heading to make a difference for the Gospel and bring the social back into social media. Our sponsor gave us a $20 Starbucks card to give away, and we HAVE to give it to someone!

  • One winner will receive it for the most people he or she gets to sign up for Monday Cafe. (link: http://eepurl.com/b5kMvv )
  • You can’t sign up people yourself. Mail Chimp will require a verification of new sign ups.
  • Tell people about Monday Cafe and let us know by email how many people you told and their names so we can verify that new sign ups are from your efforts. Winner is awarded by how many follow through with signing up to receive this new newsletter. The most sign ups win.
  • Contest ends August 15. Winner to be notified by email on August 16.

I know our magazine isn’t really one of those magazine’s where contests are popular. Our reason for publication is very different. That being said, if this contest also fails, we will gift this Starbuck’s card to someone of the sponsor’s choosing. Both of us though would really prefer to see Monday Cafe’s email list grow. So we do need your help.

Are you in?

Nikole Hahn, Publisher



UPDATE 8/16/16: The contest hadn’t any takers. Please see future update how we encouraged with the help of a church someone who deserved a little joy in her life. 

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