Sadie – The Fictionalized True Story Of A Girl And Her Dog

11166068_10206665807147669_1108087321_nOne day me and my mom were driving through town. And we saw a dog chained up with barb wire and no food or water. So me and my mom tried to free her but we got cut up so we brought her food and water and went home .

The next day we woke up and got ready for church and went out side and saw the dog in our front yard. So we put her inside and left but she found a way out and ran to the church and came inside the church. And my mom told me to get her out of the church and take her home so I did

I was watching TV with the dog and suddenly the name Sadie popped in my head. So I asked my mom about the name Sadie. She said its a pretty name so I named the dog Sadie. The next day I was trying to potty train Sadie. After Sadie was potty trained I tried to teach Sadie new cool tricks. But all she learned was to bark when I say speak.

Later that day a lady comes walking down the street crying so Jeremy, my moms friend, asks her what is wrong. She said “my dog just died”. So Jeremy gave her Sadie and my sister Amanda and I started to cry.

After an hour we went to the river to swim. As soon as we got there we see this puppy drowning so Amanda jumped in the water. She handed the puppy to me and got out of the water. This time Amanda thought of the name and it was Panda.

We were not allowed to keep the dog so we gave it to our friend Barbra and she changed the name to Jake. Barbra trained him and we went home. By the time we got home it was dark so we went to bed!

11165892_10206671532810807_444907556_nAbout the author:

Starlynn L. lives in central Arizona where she attends Calvary Chapel.  She is 10 years old in the 5th Grade.  She is on the basketball cheer team and placed 3rd overall in her school’s 2015 spelling bee.  She has 4 sisters, 1 brother and 1 brother-in-law.  She wants to be a writer and a veterinarian because she loves animals.

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