Serving Generously


When our last two contests yielded no results, I was left wondering what to do with a $20 Starbuck’s card our sponsor gave to give away. After speaking with our sponsor, I contacted a local church, Grace Baptist Church, who gave me a name of someone needing encouragement.

We left the Starbuck’s card with the church who delivered it to this person, H. H wrote us a great letter. H’s daughter wanted to have Starbuck’s with her, but they couldn’t afford it. When the church delivered the gift card to her, she was thrilled. This caused me to wonder at the viability of contests with our magazine.

Usually, contests are used to bring more readers to a page. We’ve only had one really successful contest, and this was at the launch of our magazine in 2013. People seem to really enjoy our quarterly offerings of good reads. It caused me to re-think contests. What if we had a way for you to partner with us to bless someone in need in your area?

Currently, we are working out the details of this to be announced in our January issue. I can give you a hint: You would be given the opportunity to bless someone with generous sponsorships.

Meanwhile, another announcement…


We Want to be Your Friend

We’ve dissolved our Monday Cafe weekly newsletter and instead opened up a Facebook group so we can better converse with you. You can find us here. We are still at our page, but we like the group set up because it allows you to better talk to us. All of our writers are on here. This is a community that we invite you to join in.


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