Short Cuts For a Busy Week

As a publisher, writer, and reviewer while holding down a full-time job, finding a more efficient means to keep convenient, healthy options in the refrigerator becomes a weekly tug-of-war.


That’s why these $3 plastic containers at Safeway are so useful. I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown away rotting veggies because they were left forgotten in the bottom produce drawer. Good intentions mean nothing on a tight budget if I don’t use everything I buy.

So one day I fried up some thick cut, applewood-smoked bacon, chopped and shredded many vegetables, and began to make individual salads. Surprisingly, everything pre-made was eaten and stayed crisp. Except for a mere handful of prepared vegetables, all of the produce I bought was consumed. The preparation took a little over an hour to prepare.

Instead of spending $3-5 per pre-made salads with all the stuff on it, my husband and I had enough salad to last a week with extra makings for sandwiches, tacos, and frito-less taco boats. These tubs are a great alternative to buying frozen meals. Though we are not against the occasional frozen meal, my family opts to eat fresh first.


1: Use snack-size ziplock bags to store your salad dressing in to make for a convenient lunchtime addition to your salad at work.

2: Save your pre-made salad containers from the store for future salad lunches.


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