SOJOURN – The Completion of a Journey

Karmann and Kompany
Karmann and Kompany – SOJOURN

From Karmann Powell, TRC Music Editor:

I am proud to announce the release of Sojourn by Karmann and Kompany.  It was recorded, edited and mixed at our home in central Arizona.

Sojourn is the third full length CD my husband and I have produced in our studio (Fruit of the Spirit, Morning Prayer).  It is the first we’ve recorded as a band and we are hoping that Sojourn is just the beginning!

Below is a description from the CD itself:

“A sojourn is a place one stays temporarily while on a journey. It is also the title track of the first full-length CD by the award-winning band, Karmann and Kompany. The band consists of lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Karmann Powell. Joe Brokaw, one of the original members of the band, plays 5-string bass. Joe Stolpa plays acoustic and electric lead guitar. Drummer, Darrell Stackhouse, rounds out the band and provides a great rhythmic background. Currently residing in Scotland, band member-at-large John “Whiteboy” Walden, plays harmonica.

Beginning and ending with gospel songs, Karmann and Kompany’s music takes the listener on a bit of a sojourn with a variety of styles, tempos and subject matters which represents the band’s eclectic tastes, as well as their optimism and sense of humor.

Click here to preview and purchase individual songs or the entire CD.


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Independent musicians (not signed to a label) offer an alternative to mainstream music. Every time you purchase and download a song, or purchase an indie’s CD, you are helping make a dream come true.

As the music editor of TRC (and an indie, myself), I’ve highlighted the careers of several Christian indies from different musical genres.  Some are nationally or internationally known.  Some are regional or still playing in the local music market.  All are committed to their craft and feel a drive to produce their music, often on their own with little or no outside help.

So thank you, those who have read the articles, those who have clicked through to the indie’s Facebook page or web site.  Thank you to those who have bought their CD or attended a concert.  You have no idea how much you are appreciated.


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