Strength Through Help

In Exodus 17:8-13, it is written that the Israelites warred with the Amalekites. During this war, Moses, with the rod of God, stood upon a hill, the rod being lifted up high, while Joshua and some men fought below. Throughout the course of the day, Moses’s hands and body became weary and the rod drooped.

When that happened, the Amalekites were winning the war. When Moses’s hands were lifted up, the Israelites took advantage. Aaron and Hur, who went with Moses, noticed what was happening and proceeded to help Moses so that his hands could stay up, while his body, now sitting, could rest. By day’s end, the Israelites won. They won through working together in faith. They won through following God’s direction and guidance.

There are times when we will face an “enemy” or difficult circumstance. Some trials are drawn out with no quick solution to the problem; there are so many facets that must be accomplished or gone through in order for the prognosis to be known. Through those times, it becomes hard to keep God the center of our focus. We get tired and worn down. How much more wonderful it is then, when we have God’s family step in to help us in our time of need. Helping us with the burden, and therefore, carrying a part so that no one is overwhelmed. This makes it easier for God to be our focus, to lift the process to Him, to ask for His help, and trust in His guidance, direction and conclusion.


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