Submission Guidelines

The writers and the publishers are committed to ensuring a good copy gets published. This means your submission(s) will go through an editing process and may be rewritten and/or changed in some way. You can submit a stand-alone article without becoming a columnist (explained at the bottom of this page).

Follow these guidelines:

  • No images may be submitted except that which you took yourself or have written permission from the owner to use.
  • We accept videos and audio.
  • Query word count.
  • Please do not embed the photos in the Word document. Always send them as an attachment.
  • Send article in a Word document.
  • Fiction: Well-written stories that can be Christian-themed, but that is not required. A good story is wanted, not necessarily a Christian one.
  • Poems: Same as above.
  • TRC reserves the right to decline a submission. This may happen if the submission contains explicit or slanderous or offensive content, does not abide by the submission guidelines, reveals little to no effort on the author’s part, or if the publisher decides the submission would hurt the magazine’s reputation or if the article limit for an edition has been reached.
  • If you wish to become a columnist with us, you will be required to peruse and sign this TRC Columnist and Editor Contract
  • To query or submit an article, email or fill out the contact form below.