The Future is Now

kpbd crop 2Christmas is a busy time of year for most people. Ours was no exception–Work, family, friends, church, music…..lots of music…and food everywhere. It was wonderful!  On top of that, we were working on a huge project which has demanded a huge chunk of our already precious time.  Now, here it is January, and I am not ready for 2015!

This edition is “light” on the articles in the music section. But, don’t worry, things are already in the works for the April edition. I am interviewing singer, songwriter, recording artist and worship leader, Mia Koehne. Mia also is heavily involved in Women’s Ministry and Celebrate Recovery. She has a great testimony and you’ll love her story of redemption and restoration.

I will also have a announcement about that big project we’ve been working on.  We are REALLY excited to share the fruit of our labor with TRC Magazine readers!

In the mean time, check out the great articles in this edition.  Peruse the TRC archives and catch up on some reading. You find some great articles covering a wide variety of topics, min-sermons, interviews, poetry and short-stories.

Karmann Powell, TRC Music Editor

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