The Things I Do


The things I do, I do not wish to do, so Lord I pray for the strength to do that which is correct.
I see the things my flesh desires and I am enticed by the joy I believe I could receive from it.
I look at the fall of mankind and realize that the joys of the flesh are fleeting and shallow.
I look at that which You have promised, and I long for Your eternal world.

O’ Lord help me see past the beautiful and the enticing,
And help me see past the joyful and the temporal
You O’ Lord have given me the key to Your kingdom,
And I wish to open that door and receive the freedom from sin You promised on the Cross.

I wish to walk down the path that has few travelers and converse with those who struggle as I do.
I wish to discuss with the saints, those things that You have written on our hearts.
I look forward to sharing my joy with those who, like me, are committed to You.
Like those saints, I desire to travel the difficult path of righteousness.

With Your help I will survive the evil one’s pitfalls and gain freedom from his snares.
O’ Lord I desire the gift of salvation and the crown that accompanies it.
On the day I arrive I shall thank You for the salvation of my soul,
And I will humbly accept the crown of righteousness you promised,
And to Your feet O” Lord, I shall cast that crown singing praises to Your name.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah the Lord God Almighty has been triumphant!
Now O’ LORD, the things I do, I do for You. Amen

By Chuck Ness

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