The World’s Greatest Terrorists

by Pastor Huck Kusner

Who Am I-

Hello, I’m the world’s greatest terrorist. You would assume I have some middle-eastern sounding name like Hussein or Osama, or words that westerners would have trouble pronouncing. People call me many things. In Israel I’m Gevah. In Greece I’m known as Huperéphania. Many Muslims know me as Kibr. In Italy I am Orgoglio and in Poland I’m Ambicja. I like the sound of that one. Sounds kind of cool, doesn’t it?

Guess my name? Let me help you a little more. In Latin I am Exaltatio. Won’t you humor me a little? Try harder. Everybody has humored me from time to time. The real fun for me though, is when I can dig some roots right into your heart. That’s when we can play and entertain the world all day long.

I love games and I play them with people all the time. Maybe this will help. The Germans call me Praid, and alright, you westerners call me Pride. If you know me you’re probably also familiar with my good friend and co-terrorist, Fear. We get quite a bit of bad press in that bestselling book which has quite a bit to say about both of us, but what do we care? Is anybody really applying that stuff?

There’s hardly a dull moment for either one of us, and we work so well together. No recession here. With us there is no unemployment, with plenty of work to do. We love overtime. Our victims rarely perceive the tangled backlash of twisting chains we ever so slowly wrap, until they have suffered such losses in life, that they just can’t put a finger on why.

I love the gifts, the blessings, and good things of the Almighty, but He’s the very one pulling back the veil on me, and ruining some of my greatest parties. I hate that thing He’s always repeating about me coming before destruction. Sure it’s true, but that doesn’t stop me from having some perverted fun with His unsuspecting people; and most of them pay so little attention to me anyway. What can I say? I disguise myself so well.

What I really love about Fear is that he’s an even better chameleon than me. As soon as you imagine him producing trembling little boys or girls shaking like leaves in corners humming, “They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ho Ho He He,” he manifests into a mouth that boasts such great things. That’s right. He’s the very heart of the anger outburst. It’s a thing to behold, unless you’re the target of his wrath of course. Then it hurts too much to laugh.

I just love it when you can hardly talk to Fear, because He can’t hear a thing while he’s on a rant, when he’s too busy letting someone have it. Fear is so good at perplexing the audience as they stare in stunned silence wondering what they just watched and heard; with minimal exaggerations and slight extremes, he is able to build his own support group to uphold himself. The stupid populace can be so naïve.

I just love to hear anyone say things like, “Pride and anger are now on the line,” as if they are really saying something profound. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they are so absolutely correct, but until that Person of Pride (or should I say, Mine?!) wants to amputate and cut me out of their life, I remain in control.

It is easy for me to ignore irritational warnings like Proverbs 16:18 or 1 John 4:18. They make me so uncomfortable, and comfortable is what Fear and I are all about. Hey why change now? Let’s all vote for an extra-large dose of grace, bro, cuz it’s all about the grace without repentance right? Be sure of this, knucklehead; I may go underground, but… “I’ll be back.”

Till death do us part,

Pride and Fear
(Unless James 4:10)

IMG_6461Pastor Huck Kusner came to know the Lord in his 20’s, committing himself to serve the Lord all the days of his life. He served as a greeter, worship leader, and in a Christian comedy group, before becoming pastor of Calvary Black Canyon City in 1993; he continues to shepherd his flock there with faithfulness and grace. His goal is to finish well by discipling the next generation today to assume leadership of the church in the future.

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