We’re Not “Relevant”

photo taken by D. Droste
photo taken by D. Droste

We’ve worked hard for nearly a year to put together The Relevant Christian Magazine. Editors have come on board and helped to define our mission and purpose. One editor asked, “Do you realize that we have chosen the same name as Relevant magazine?”

No, we did not.

The band, Fun, accidentally chose the same name as another band. It went to court. The court said the famous group, Fun, needed to change their name. So they added a period. Our difference is more than an added period. Our proper name is, The Relevant Christian Magazine. Relevant is just called Relevant and focuses on the twenties and thirties of “culturally savvy people.” The Relevant Christian Magazine focuses on every aspect of Christianity from politics to missions, from ages 16 to 108. Every editor focuses their departments and their social networking between issues on what pertains to their branding. We strive to blend the literary with the everyday Christian—the single mom to the believer, struggling to connect with others and finding church unsatisfactory. We wish to cover everything relevant to living the life as a well-balanced Christian.  We wish to be cross-generational.

Recently, we acquired Malina Jones as a college editor. She is in college and knows the issues that affect today’s college kids. We also brought on board Magaret Opsal as a family editor. Margaret will focus on all issues pertaining to Christian families. The other day our music editor and I had a conversation about her music department. She wants to focus on Indies. She said a lot of the big magazines focus on the big names. The Relevant Christian Magazine seeks to cover all aspects of Christianity and yet be unique. Indie is unique, but we’re not solely Indie. Without Indie, our magazine would be just another ezine covering the same stories that have already been covered. We’re about people.

So in this introductory issue we focus on authentic Christianity, not the culture of Christianity. The culture of Christianity can sometimes look like secular pop culture so much so that I wonder if we are a fan of Jesus rather than a follower? If our life choices do not reflect our beliefs, we are nothing more than a fan of the culture, and in many ways, no different than secular pop culture. That is why we have added politics to our department.

Many people think politics and religion should be separate. I say it should be separate if the issues are whether someone is a Democrat or a Republican. Otherwise, Biblical political issues should not be separated. As Christians we should take a stand. In the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, pastors were often politically involved. You’ll find that our political editor has done a good job in using ancient documents to write an opinion on why politics is important in the Christian life.  The question to ask yourself is not whether you are a Republican or Democrat, but if you are a follower of Jesus Christ. Do you feed your soul the Word, or Housewives of Orange County instead? What do you feed your soul to keep it healthy?

We are not “Relevant,” but we are The Relevant Christian Magazine where, The articles are representative of various aspects of life, and as a whole, strive to reflect a well-rounded life in Christ. Our next issue will publish in early December. Submission periods for our Winter/Spring issue will open in August. If you have a story to tell, I hope you will consider submitting it.

It is also my hope that our magazine can connect with you, pray for you, and positively impact your life. If you wish to write us, send all letters to: nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com. Sometimes, we may feature your letters (with your permission) in our department, Letters to The Editor. Thank you for reading us and God bless!


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