Why Do We Botch Such a Beautiful Story?

1146890_10200697626975330_1558015535_oLast year, I considered doing a special feature on the first anniversary of the death of the Nineteen Firefighters and the Yarnell Hill Fire in the July issue of 2014. The story was irresistible.

Our entire community came together, donating money and supplies to Yarnell and the 19 families of the deceased firefighters. But afterwards, all the lawsuits, accusations, and finger-pointing happened, putting a black eye on our community with the nation. After our community offered emotional, physical, and financial support, many letters to the editor and comments in the local paper expressed our community’s disappointment in what we observed. I chose to pull the story, soured by it, too. Instead, I would like to resurrect the goodwill our community experienced in being united by asking you, dear readers, to submit your own stories.

This is what I am looking for:

You must have lost a firefighter, military person, or any first responder, especially police. You can be a spouse or a distant relative. Submit to nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com a piece no longer than 300 words on the following questions:

  1. Describe how they were lost. Reference any links to news sources.
  2. Describe how it affected you then, and how you are doing now.
  3. Tell me about one person during that time who really helped you through the loss.

Now on to other business…

I am still looking for editors, like a recovery editor, a family editor, a missions editor, and an editor to serve the needs of seniors by finding articles that address senior living. For more information on the responsibilities of being an editor, email me. Also, every editor is looking for columnist writers.

I would like to welcome Anna Popescu who will write a series on Habakkuk in the devotions section and Suzy Solomon who writes for the music department of our magazine.

Every Story is Precious

Story matters; specifically, your story matters. It’s not pride to tell people what God is doing through you or in you. It’s called influence. Here at TRC Magazine, we want to give you a hill to set your light upon so God’s glory may shine through the oppressive darkness in our world. If you have a testimony to share, a unique ministry, or a story that fits our magazine, please contact the appropriate editor.

If you would like to write me, feel free to as I answer all emails. If you would like to write a ‘Dear Editor’ letter because you love what we have published or hate what we have published, feel free to send it. We will publish the most well-written letter in our ‘Letters to The Editor’ section. We welcome your thoughts.

I am so proud of the stories we have published through the hard work of our writers and editors. Don’t read some of our stories without tissue nearby.

Have a wonderful day!

Nikole Hahn

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